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... Each country, it is my conviction. Mr. President is gifted with something unique to itself and the non-aligned nations will do well if it unites to help develop the latent potential of each country. My own country Nepal, for instance, is endowed with ricer systems which, if thoughtfully exploited, can help not only our own country but also the countries of our region. But this requires capital funding, as it does development of manpower resources together with stability and a good understanding reached among our neighbors, our relations with whom have improved steadily over the past years.

As a developing country of the Third World, Nepal is painfully aware of the two-fold reality of international economic order▬ the aggravating problems of development and the failure hitherto of finding a just and effective solution. A situation in which more that half the population of the world exists in absolute poverty can under no circumstances be considered conducive to peace. While the industrialized world is reluctant to fulfil its moral obligations for the establishment of a new International Economic Order, the imbalance within the fold of resource-rich and resource-poor developing countries calls for greater attention. It is the reason why we continue to urge that any restructuring of existing economic order must sufficiently take into account the special problems of the least developed countries. In this connection, the continuing law-of –the-sea negotiations could prove fruitful if it were universally recognized that the entire resources of the sea belong to man and that these resources form a common heritage of all nations providi9ng for the right of land-locked countries to free access to and from the sea. It is our conviction that while all nations are entitled to share the common riches of the earth, this Movement will do well if it recommends concrete proposals in that direction. The edifice4 of peace cannot be built on the instinct of monopoly. It has to stand upon the foundations of give and take, of independence and interdependence.

For, My, President, there is no substitute to interdependence and co-operation. The era in history is certainly coming to a close when man in any part of the world could be subjugated or enslaved flagrant violation of the basic Rights of Man. It is pity that in countries of South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia a policy of repression, racial discrimination and minority rule have continued to this day in total defiance of world public opinion and against the conscience of man.

My Government continues to watch with concern the continuing problem in the Middle East. It is difficult to see justification for Israeli occupation of the Arab territories, must less for the continued occupation for over twelve years and the actions of the occupying power to change the legal and demographic character of those lands. Ample basis for the just and comprehensive solution of the problem can be found in the resolutions of the United Nations and our own resolutions. At any rate, we firmly believe that alien occupation must end completely. For a just and lasting peace in the Middle East, we also consider it essential that the right to a separate state of the Palestinian people as well as the right of all states of the area to exist and live in peace within secured and well-defined boundaries must be recognized. It is to this end that all peace efforts must be directed. In our opinion, the Camp David Accords and the Egypt-Israeli Treaty constitute partial step which, e hope, will net prejudice larger interest of peace and justice. The Palestinian people form an important element in the situation in the Middle East, and we believe that no structure of lasting peace can be built without their participation.

The tragic situation of Lebanon caused by the repeated violations of its territorial integrity has added an unfortunate dimension to the problem of the Middle East. Nepal has made its humble contribution to peace in that war-torn country by pulling at the disposal of the United Nations a small contingent in the Interim force wishing to see the restoration of territorial integrity of Lebanon.

... to be continue

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