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Build Empire (Character)
Empire building is the crucial factors of the game. Players may utilize thousand of empire building strategies from being a friendly empire who always lends help to others or you can go another way around; invading every empire you see. Anyway, it is best to allow you to experience it yourself.

Missions provide challenges to players where each of the race has unique missions associated to them. Missions are implemented in variety of quests and campaigns.

GUI (Navigation)
Unification Wars is unlike any other web based online game. The game interacts to players using HTML and JavaScript interface. The JavaScript client is the enhanced version of the game which integrates high resolution graphics, easy navigation GUI, interactive Online Chat System, sound effects and also background music. Players can choose which GUI preferred at anytime.

Social Aspects
Unification Wars links players all over the world. Plus, Unification Wars players can interact with players from Galactic Conquest. Through the integrated Online Chat System, players can discuss, plan and sell items.Game Administrator and Game Guides are always around to lend assistant to players at anytime.

Players vs. Players
Playing against other players are the most demanding compared to fighting Artificial Intelligence. Unification Wars offer non-stop players vs. players’ action even a group of players vs. another group of players.

How time works in this game
Time is required to perform tasks, from researching to building. This game stores time as `units` (turns) until you use it.

1 unit (turn) = 1 game day for your empire. If you don't perform any tasks, time stands still. Every game day that passes your empire population grows, collect taxes (money) & resources. The time in the game doesn't pause or wait for other players (no end). Other players can use their time to do their tasks or even attack you later in the game.

If you wish for a faster paced game try playing on the Hourly or Real-Time game speed. Remember there is a different game for each speed therefore you have to signup for a new account there. You are allowed to have an account on all game speeds, limited to 1 person per game speed.

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