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What is fashion 2 u?

Fashion! Does the world click something in your mind? Well, that's right, fashion is appearing Mr. or Ms. Perfect at the right place but believe me guys and gals fashion is not all about trendy outfits, modern looks or chic accessories; it's all that and much more. Everyone gives their own close to reality arguments that fashion is this and that. So far, for me, the best definition is – you look fashionable if you are comfortable in what you are wearing; what you are doing and most important would be the way you carry yourself.
Everyone has a unique face and no doubt you wish to look different. Presentation is given full marks everywhere so it is obvious that with these demand people give more concern on their looks. Being called fashionable is a very nice thing. But as said earlier the most important thing is you need to be comfortable with whatever you endorse yourself with. A smartly dressed person could look floppy if the person is uncomfortable. Beauty is not at all important today if with simple tricks you could look pretty: the magic lies in what you choose for yourself and how you use the fashion stuffs. Grooming oneself involves everything from the color that suits you to the hairdo of yours. So, keep in mind next time you buy a dress check if the color boosts your complexion and after coming out of saloon remember one thing: you must feel a change has occurred to your looks and that also for good.
But people today take it in a different sense. Getting started with ladies, for them wearing designer outfits, high heel shoes and what not, is fashion. If there is no makeup, Girl! You are missing something important and what more if you forget to shape your nails, straighten your hair or even put a little gloss on your lips, you would better not step out of your room for there are chances that you wouldn't be recognized. Moreover we can see girls in skirts and skimpy outfits even in winter in the name of fashion. But come on, skirts in winter? It looks more stupid than fashionable.
Next comes the lad's turn, today guys give tough competition to our fashion oriented ladies. Have you checked out the fashion accessories of men? Damn! Guys are bound to get tempted. Belts, bands, chains, wallets etc not to forget 'brooch' and the list never end. Likewise, how can we forget body sprays? A guy would not bathe for weeks but still smell fresh due to sprays. Thanks to it, the people around can at least breathe. All this and nest comes the technology-gizmo fashion. A guy with the most advanced techno-gizmo is considered fashionable and it becomes easy for him to lure girls with his show off attitude. Mobile today is one of the not to be missed gizmo a person is bound to possess. If you don't have it, you don't have something real important in your life and if it is something like 'LG Chocolate" or 'N-Series' phone or a 'Motoslivr', you got the right stuff in your pocket because you can't get anything more fashionable than that.
Recently on the name of fashion, new trends are being set. Have you noticed guys' hair? I don't understand why every single guy out there wants to look like John Abraham and Dhoni. And as if it was not enough they even use hair bands. They have even started wearing kajal. And what's with this black nail polish, is that a new trend?
I am really confused with what people do to themselves in the name of fashion nowadays. Originality is missing. Do try to create your own personality rather than running after image of others. People, why is your true identity hiding behind, please give your real face and personality a chance to show itself to the world and it is a promise you will love the new you.

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Since fashion is a social phenomenon, I guess there is more to it than putting yourself in the best available light (it's rather a compromise between what corresponds to you and what is admitted as the current norm of fashionable beauty).
zbale on Fri Feb 26, 2010 9:29 am

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