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The college Magazine

Almost every college has its magazine. Its serves in focusing attention to the corporate life of the college and to provide students with a medium for self-expression. It is a necessary aid to the fostering of an extra – academic life in the college. There is also another reason. It is being realized more and more these days that the student of today is the citizen of tomorrow. His/her education should not be confined only to books, but he/she should be encouraged to take a wider vied of thing. A college magazine is a necessity because it encourages students to think for them, to organize information into knowledge, and to take an active interest in all that is going on around them.
A college Magazine must be carefully distinguished from a popular or learned journal. There is too often a tendency and an ambition to make it a juvenile edition of a popular magazine, containing poem, stories essays, discussions and what not. This is not right; for an ambitious production of this defeat one of the primary objects of such magazines may become an annual affair reduced to a single issue. Necessarily this defeats one of the primary objects of such magazines, which is to reflect the life of a community having the same opportunity and problems. A second objection is that the literary productions of students, being immature for the most part, often do not engage the attention of their fellow-students, and are mostly left unread. A realization of this handicap includes some is equally bad. What is needed, therefore, is that the magazine should be published once every term. It should contain reports of the various aspects of academic life. It should discuss ways and means of improving the academic life of the college, and a few short articles of a superior quality written by students should fine place in it. Such a magazine will be read with interest by all concerned.
We have already said that college magazine should be managed entirely by students. It should be a valuable training ground for students in business management. The production of a magazine is a complex affair. Securing articles, selecting and editing them getting together the reports of the various sections of academic life preparing designs and blocks for illustrations, seeing the magazine through the press, ensuring timely publication, organizing distribution among students, keeping accounts all these are highly technical tasks and demand real business acumen. The educational value of all this is really very great. At the same time, the editorial staff must cultivate editorial virtues. They must strictly keep out all their personal prejudices and partialities. Their only care should be to make the magazine readable by severely keeping out silly stuff. Editorial incompetence is very often responsible for the worthlessness of a college magazine.
As we have already said, contributor s to a college magazine should be predominantly students. A teacher may now and then contribute something, but the main object must be to bring out the literacy talents of students. It goes saying that articles must be short, and preference must always be given to articles based on one's personal knowledge and experience rather than to pains taking compilation or useless rehash. The object of a college magazine must be to make students observant and thoughtful.
Nowadays, most college has wallpaper. Much labor and thoughts are spent over these. This is good. It may not be a bad idea to pick out the choices bits from these and give them permanence in the printed pages of the magazine. The magazine committees may held periodical competitions in poetry, short stories and essays, and select the best of these publications. Every effort must be made to induce the large number of students to take part in the production and improvement of college magazine. It must never be allowed to become the mouth piece of the small section.

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