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Being close to Nepali

Riding through the darkness of Kathmandu Street along with my friends on our bikes with glowing front and rear light… Definitely this would have feasted the eyes of passerby's. This experience comes to me with different feel every Tihar. But this tihar, it carried for me an experience of a lifetime.
I along with friends had an amazing time out last tihar and this time around we were determined to overshadow that. Starting off, we wore Dhaka topi and to complement to that, hung a Madal around our necks. Some carried guitar with them while other guys were busy just practicing lok and pop songs for deusi. And this year, to add a bit of chili to the curry, we actually carried drums and other band-kind of stuffs.
As we entered the first house to kick start our duesi program, a bunch of people come out of the house and demanded us not only to sing but also to dance. Initially, we were quite reluctant but we didn't disappoint them, as we danced and sang all together. Just say it was luck or the ambience that allowed us to easily relate to songs, we sang and made a dance move out there. We sang songs from "Yo Jindagani" by Nepathya to ridiculously themed songs like "Bhaisee ko kasama". Actually my friend Ande danced like freak when we gave a fast paced ending to "Bahaisee ko kasmaa!" To my and other friends' amusement, the girls in the audience really liked his style and were very impressed. Just can't say it with girls, do they love freaks or what? The dance he performed was a typical folk nepali dance, it was beautiful and at the same time crazy. Even, I tried to dance to the folk tunes but just couldn't match his creativeness and craziness. Ha! His was beautifully crazy.
After finishing up where we started, we then moved on to the next house where people were slightly drunk and enjoying themselves. With a very popular deusi song "Bhan Mera Bhai Ho", we started singing and people gathered around us and started dancing. I never had this privilege of people actually dancing to one of my vocals. It felt like I had given something to these people to enjoy upon and to tell you the truth, I didn't even know these people. But one thing was common among us; we were all lost in the charm of Tihar. "Resham Firiri","Chekyo Chekyo","China Company","Bhaisee ko kasmaa!" , the songs which I would never try to listen to desperately, felt so beautiful when people around me danced to their tunes. We must have been insane that night, as we even had dohori competition. Though we were not so familiar with dohori song, we tried to put our own meaningless chorus to it like "Syappa Syappa, Lyappa Lyappa, Dyanga Dyanga." Things were actually heating up senselessly and no one even noticed. Later our group realizes that where we enjoyed the most was where we scored the least and you probably know what I means by that. But for me it was the most beautiful encounter with people never known. And maybe this is what duesi is all about. After finishing the entire program, we called it a day off.
The final day of tihar, we started off with Mr. Shambujit Baskota's house. Don't know how much he loved the combination of our music playing but he had a smile when he saw his son dance in a pure Nepali style. I was just jealous because of his beautiful dance moves. On that day, we had one of our lowest points as well, where we ended up in a house of a bunch of young guys. Things just didn't seem right with them, maybe because the music we played did not connect to those young guys. But above all, the end of that last day of tihar, is what I will cherish forever.
Throughout deusi, we all wore Dhaka Topis on our heads. And while finally taking it off, felt like I was going to miss something important. It was so beautiful, something for me to be proud of, that symbolized what I was. Just taking it off like that, felt like I was losing my true identity. This duesi we tried to be little different, but ended up realizing what we were, a true Nepali son. The feeling that I am Nepali was the life time experience that this Tihar brought to mw which I never had the experience of being. So, cherish every moment of being a Nepali, "I'll start from now, you just follow me."

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