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How to approach a guy?

Just like every other story, this one starts with.. "So, there's this guy."

So, there's this guy.. He's in one of my classes.. Do you know that awkward eye contact you get from someone when your eyes meet? He glances at me, I glance at him.
I want to say "Hi." To him, but I never have a chance. That is the only time I ever see him. That is the only class we have together, and he leaves class so fast.
Should I look for him outside of class and say something?
Would that be creepy?
What would I even say?

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Well I'm going to preface my recommendation with the assumption that you are a woman.

Guys can be shy. And if you see this Eye-contact on and off event between you two often enough I would say that its definitely a sign for an approach.

As a dude, who's talked to other dudes, who's listened to other dudes and learned from many dudes: Guys really like it when girls approach them!

Get to class a little late and see if you can grab the seat next to him, or on the way out of class see if you can catch up to him and ask him if he wants to grab a coffee etc. Really, the easiest (and only) way to see if you two are a good match for each other is too talk, extensively, about your interests and his.

Dating and talking to people is surprisingly common-sense, and yet we (me included) find it very difficult to get over the fear of just going for it.

Good luck!

Im also going to follow up with that if my assumption that you are a woman was incorrect (I apologize) I still say go for it, but the man on man approach is a little more difficult, and something I can't really speak with any knowledge about.
ltmarchen on Thu Sep 20, 2012 5:24 pm

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