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Frihost post numbers on 19 December 2017

Regrettably Frihost lost its count tool during the migration of our Forum from the US to German data center in July 2014. We have been unable to keep track of our post numbers since then. Bondings was going to do some programming to fix all of the tools, but somehow didn't get to it. Must say it's a tool that is greatly missed by me.

Today I had some fun with counting posts. It started with only trying to get the member number and post number, but expanded to all of the stats below. I'm hoping if all goes well to update these numbers in December next year on and around the same date. Would be great if Peter could add his stat magic with a graph if that is possible. Smile

Total Frihost members: 132,402
Total Frihost members who made posts: 36,304
Total number of posts that have been made: 1,183,014*

Breakdown of posts:
155 members made 1000+posts each = 360,202 (30%) posts
249 members made 500-999 posts each = 171,214 (15%) posts
1,560 members made 100-499 posts each = 343,417 (29%) posts
2,824 members made 26-99 posts each = 142,910 (12%) posts
31,516 members made 1-25 posts each = 165,271 (14%) posts

*If I counted correctly +/- 42,000 posts were spam posts (3.5%). I counted the ones in our spam can only. There could also be hidden spam posts that have been archived. The archived posts are all accounted for in the total number of member posts.

Top Ten Posters:

1. deanhills 22702
2. Bikerman 13901
3. Bondings 13334
4. ocalhoun 12411
5. Ankhanu 7938
6. n0obie4life 7512
7. Blaster 6156
8. tidruG 6135
9. standready 5102
10.rvec 5091

3 blog comments below

Well dang. Somehow I made the top ten. I am usually in the bottom ten of things. Razz
standready on Tue Dec 19, 2017 5:03 pm
So I guess these are the totals since when Frihost was born, right ? When exactly did Frihost start ?
amagard on Wed Dec 20, 2017 3:20 pm
From the homepage - "April 2005"
standready on Wed Dec 20, 2017 6:54 pm

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