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My hosting and VPS collection - got to be nuts! :)

I never thought this would happen to me, but looks as though I've grown into a collector of hosting accounts and VPSs. Not out of greediness, but because of a passion to learn more about how it all fits together and experiment with new technology. I have four VPS accounts. Two are paid and two are free. That happened this year when I went for learning as much as I can about VPS.

I have eight shared hosting accounts. Two of the hosting accounts are paid, and six are free. One was because I wanted to learn how to work with DirectAdmin panel, another because I wanted to work with VestaCP a free control panel. The others were for testing. Every time I test an account I build a Website or more on it. So in total I have about 27 domains and websites that I accumulated over the last two years of my passionate learning. At some or other time I'll probably have to consolidate the accounts, but I like each and every one of my hosting accounts including the VPSs and I'm reluctant to let go of any of them.

VPS 1 is my first VPS and although the slowest one (recently improved though) I feel nostalgic about the VPS as it is the VPS where I learned to manage a VPS for the first time at end of 2014.
VPS2 is from a cheap paid provider who specializes in WEBUZO panel configuration - a free control panel with the look and feel of cPanel although very limited in comparison with cPanel.
VPS3 is an even cheaper host where I discovered that my ISP in the Middle East has a faster connection with Dallas in the US than with any point in Europe. It is ridiculously cheap and I don't think I'd like to give it up. I got it so I could load VestaCP on it and experiment and learn about VestaCP
VPS4 is a free VPS that I worked for post for hosting. It is my first KVM VPS and the speed is awesome. Location is Germany. My ISP seems to favour Germany and has great difficulty with France and England. It can be hit or miss with the two.

Am now wondering how I can find a system for managing my collection of hosting accounts. I've got an index of my domains written down with where they are hosted, but I think I need something better. Maybe a control panel of panels. A control VPS? Think

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That is a lot of accounts to keep up with.
standready on Mon Oct 03, 2016 5:13 pm
True. Too many. Probably need to consolidate some of them. May be something I'll do during December if there is a chance.
deanhills on Mon Oct 03, 2016 7:30 pm
God, 27 domains and websites. How would you even go about updating all of them. Just imagining all you'd have to do to achieve that. I guess I'd be able to keep up with 5 at most.
ratanegra on Mon Oct 10, 2016 5:48 pm
@Ratanegra. You're right. I sometimes don't quite get to some of them, but then they're static blogs. I've got comments disabled. I also have them so they're OK with no additional blog posts. Only part that I have to watch though is to keep the script, plugins and themes up to date. I've got most of them on automatic, but some of the older ones still need to be checked up on.
deanhills on Mon Oct 10, 2016 8:08 pm

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