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Firefox Kaspersky Certificate Woes

Thought I'd create a new blog post for this. It's more or less a tutorial for fixing a problem that came up after the upgrade/new installation of my Kaspersky AVP16.0.1. Immediately after the installation Firefox didn't want to open Google. Google is my home page in Firefox as I like to have it ready for searches when I open a Window. Maxthon also had this problem. Internet Explorer seemed to be OK.

I then went to "Google" in IE and someone suggested the following:

Go into Firefox Options >Advanced > Network and then delete all of the cache.

I did that and it worked quite fine for a couple or more sessions, until it started to happen again like on and off. I click on Google search and Mozilla Firefox doesn't want to respond. It also started to happen with some of the Forums. Like something wasn't working right. When I persisted though it came right, until the next time.

Tonight I learned a different way of dealing with the problem and hope it will take. Basically the solution is to delete the Kaspersky certificate in Mozilla Firefox as it may be a dated certificate from the previous installation. Then to replace it with a fresh certificate from the new installation. Like it made some sense to me since it could be a "regional" certificate.

For this one has to go into
Firefox Options >Advanced > Certificates>View Certificates

Then look for the Kaspersky anti-virus personal root certificate and delete it.

Then click on "import" (make sure to go into Control Panel first if you're in Windows 7 as one has to go to the "Appearance and Personal Settings" and then tick "Show hidden files and folders" as otherwise you won't see the ProgramData files that you need to see).

Then navigate to c:>Program Data>Kaspersky Lab>AVP16.0.1>Data>Cert>(fake)Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal Root Certificate then import this certificate.

Next there are some tick boxes that appear and I then ticked them all after doing a search on that too.

Looks as though it is working. Did the same with Maxthon as strangely enough the options work almost identical to Firefox. Except Maxthon didn't allow me to remove the certificate. I then continued to load the new certificate anyway. I have two certificates in Maxthon now - one for the old and one for the new Kaspersky installation. Maxthon is now working fine as well.

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Congratulations (keeping fingers crossed) on solving, Dean
standready on Mon Aug 01, 2016 11:33 pm

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