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Great WordPress theme - Generate Press

Finding a really great WordPress theme is a little bit like looking for a needle in a haystack. There are literally thousands of Wordpress Themes to search through. Granted has a filter system where one can filter on preferences, but one still has a huge number of themes to work through, and all of them by trial and error, as one needs to check the reputation of the theme, how well supported it is, what it does, more importantly, what it doesn't do.

The way I usually search for a good theme is by reputation, starting with I look at how current it is, what the reviews say about it, and how regularly support questions have been answered. I also look at what the technical features are, i.e. whether it has more than one navigation bar, whether one can have a variety of page sizes, i.e. full page, full page with right or left widgets, the number of widgets available etc. The more I've been using WordPress, the more picky I've become with finding the one WordPress theme that has most of the features on my tick list without needing to install a huge number of plugins.

Generate Press is a really great theme. It is minimalist. It is responsive. It has all of the basics in the free version, and then for more modifications one can select low-cost plug-ins at as low as 5$ each or a bundle of features in one plugin for 30$. I invested 15$ in three of the premium plugins and thought it was an excellent investment for the simple reason they work so well. I found them in the exact right places in the Dash Board, didn't have to work through literature to figure out how to use them. Author of the theme is someone who really prides himself with perfection to detail, so was really delighted to discover he is from Vancouver Island in Canada. This is his home on the Internet:

What is great about the theme is the limitless possibilities for editing the theme without having to create a child theme. It is dead easy to change the navigation bar, use different colors, fonts, widgets, page sizes etc, without having to go under the hood to tinker with templates, HTML or CSS. Because of its many options for modification, I find the variety of Websites using Generate Press completely different, i.e. one doesn't get all of the Websites looking the same with those boring sliders, and forever scroll downs. For me that is the greatest test of a successful theme, and probably a guarantee that this theme is going to last for a long while. No Website looks like the other, one can develop one's own unique look from the limitless modifications that are available.

Here are a few examples of Generate Press theme Websites.

Here are some more examples of Generate Press Websites:

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