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Cheap Lenovo G50-70 i7Intel

Last night - on sheer impulse - I bought a Lenovo laptop G50-70 i7Intel. Reason being I'd eyed it before - about three months ago, and it had been marked down in price. Very rarely that I purchase a laptop first and then research it, but the price was so low, I reckoned if it was a dud, I'd donate it to someone for free.

Specs are not near top of the range of course with 4 GB RAM, 500GB disk space and there aren't that many USB slots. Three in total two of which are USB 3.0 and one USB2.0. I'm not a great user of USB slots - so that looks OK. Although I usually use one slot for a keyboard, the keyboard on this laptop is so big, there is no real need for an additional keyboard. So the USB2.0 is ideal for a mouse leaving the USB 3.0 slots for flash disks or an external hard disk. The laptop also has an internal DVD Drive - which I think is a bit wasted since I can't remember when last I used a DVD Drive.

The beauty of this laptop was actually using it. For me it's the ultimate in user-friendliness. It felt like someone who set it up had the user in mind. Initially I was worried as the little manual that came with it was very sketchy, but there was little use for it. The setup is completely intuitive. Not sure whether it's the Windows 8.1 or the way Lenovo has set it up, but I was up and running within 30 minutes of unpacking it - including Windows fully updated. Unpacking involved taking the laptop out of the box, clicking the battery into place and connecting the laptop to a charger. Then after that turning the laptop on and being prompted all of the way right to using it. Battery charged quite fast, maybe in two hours from 29 to 100%.

I haven't used Windows 8.1 before - one of the reasons I got the laptop to get the experience - thought I'd battle, but find Windows 8.1 quite OK - like Disney stuff. Only thing I still have to find with Windows IE in 8.1 are all the "off" buttons for privacy, i.e. the automatic text etc. I thought I had that turned off in the set-up but apparently not. Microsoft can be quite stubborn with wanting to know my business. Razz

Screen is completely OK. When I read the reviews complaints consisted of fuzzy image to too mirror like, which I was unaware off. I'm usually the first to complain about the mirror effect as my eyes are sensitive to glare, but I was unaware of the screen. I do see the point of the plastic top though being a worry for sufficient protection of the screen. Sound is also OK. It's not really Dolby Dolby sound the way we know Dolby, but it is unintrusive. So far any way.

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Nice Dean. Alll those impulses. Now connect the phone to the computer. :laugh:
standready on Sun Oct 04, 2015 3:57 pm
Right. Great feature of these smart phones is one can charge them through the laptop. lol
deanhills on Sun Oct 04, 2015 8:18 pm

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