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Interesting apple salad

Am running out of provisions at home and need to do some grocery shopping. I usually have avocado and some kind of lettuce for a salad, however was out of lettuce, and my last three avos turned out to be brown and smelly in the inside - had to be thrown out. All I had was apple. So decided to jazz it up a little with some extra flavourings. Cubed two apples. Then added juice from one lime, pressed garlic, dash of italian dressing, dash of curry spice and a teaspoon of honey to sweeten it a little. Turned out to be surprisingly good.

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OK, just make me hungry!
standready on Mon Jun 29, 2015 5:54 pm
Ah right Standready. Forgot to mention. Hunger is a an essential ingredient for enjoying the salad. I was very hungry at the time. Razz
deanhills on Mon Jun 29, 2015 8:12 pm
I had been running low on food myself. The inside of my fridge was rather depressing and I really didn't want to eat any more grains than I had to. I only decided to get some groceries after the weekend I got paid and it was a nice day after work. It just clicked in my brain that I wanted to get off the bus early to hit up a grocery store. Then I ran into my classic problem - I can't get out of the produce aisle until my basket is mostly full. Came home with red a green bell peppers, asparagus, tomatoes, potatoes, leeks, Brussels sprouts, apples, picked up some raspberries and blueberries and strawberries, some green beans were thrown into the mix. Also got tome feta and spoiled myself with 4 year old Canadian cheddar (wow that stuff is strong!). Managed to get some sausages and lamb loin chops. I also thought I'd try some gluten free bread (an experiment I have in mind). I eventually gave up and there were many more aisles in the store but I also had to carry this stuff home!

Made some leek and potato soup, then made a kind of raw veggie dish with feta and i sprinkled some balsamic vinegar on top (I forgot to look at the dressings in store). Then I had a fruit salad with cream, then a bit of soup and then I sliced and fried up the sausage. I think I was preping and eating over the course of 3 hours :S lol

As for the gluten free bread... Sunday night I'd toasted up some bread, spread some butter and sprinkled some garlic power on top. Tasted great! But... some hours later I still kind of tasted it... and the next day I still felt it like a lump in my stomach... all day that's how I felt. I'd had this before when I had toast with peanut butter. It seemed to stick inside my stomach for a while and churned unhappily for a day or more. It's 12 grain bread... most of my grains are whole wheat like that, I really don't like white bread any more. My friend from work said her hubby seemed to go the same way gradually so he made the switch and has been quite fine.

Maybe it's not the bread. I did have button on the toast each time Razz Not to mention cutting out gluten is a big deal and a big adjustment so... Too bad I can't be like my friend's dad who just can't handle white flour... whole wheat all the way! Except... if that's not working for me...

Tomorrows problem. I'm just going to try the bread and see what happens...
TheGremlyn on Wed Jul 01, 2015 5:55 pm
Haha .... I have been eyeing the gluten-free bread that my friendly supermarket around the corner added to its bread section - probably a few weeks ago. Have been resisting and am glad I had as I'm almost certain I'd have digested it the same. I'd rather go without bread than bread replacements. Same with sugar drinks. I rather let go of the drink completely than go for "lite" or "sugar free". Always something else in there that is not that good for a person.

The salad with balsamic vinegar sounds awesome. Looks as though I'm following same diet more or less and the no grains (I do have some periodically though, particularly rice). I also add organic beans in stews periodically. I should get a bit more creative with salads though. Balsamic vinegar sounds right on. Haven't had that in ages.
deanhills on Thu Jul 02, 2015 3:23 am
I always liked balsamic dressings but they didn't have a sharp enough flavour, or at least the last one didn't. When I was first making up the salad I realized I had nothing to go on top... then I saw the bottle of balsamic vinegar and remembered even my mom using that (she mixed in some oil too) when she made this tomato, cucumber and red onion salad. Hmm... I should try and make that... That was my favourite salad next to her macaroni salad (tuna, celery, chives, bit of mayo dressing).
TheGremlyn on Thu Jul 02, 2015 5:21 pm

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