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BBC iPlayer - Truth about Calories

So early tonight checked out the BBC iPlayer programme Truth about Calories. Quite different and much more down to earth than what I had expected. Learned that quite obviously not all calories are equal, and if you eat more calories than what you burn, you will gain weight. This is of course when one is a normal healthy individual as there are many other health issues that could affect how one burns calories which Dr Chris van Tulleken neglected to mention.

Still was good motivation for me. He showed very practical ways to shave off calories without forgoing one's pleasure of one's favourite foods. As always it's all about balance.

Was quite entertaining to see how calories in food literally burn. Dr. van Tulleken doused some meals in liquid oxygen and set them alight. Amazing to see a chocolate digestive biscuit go up in flames. Lots of energy in that biscuit. Quite fascinating to see how food as "fuel" works. Another less appetizing but at the same time amazing presentation was what our small stomach and small intestine look like "up close" in real flesh. I'd seen drawings of it and a neatly arranged version, but never the real thing photographed up close.

Again, well worth the almost hour invested to view it.

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For a moment I wondered what happened to the comment I made yesterday or before yesterday. So this is a new post about Calories. ))
dude_xyx on Mon Apr 13, 2015 7:11 pm
Right. I checked it out after my last blog post and though it could do with an article on its own. In retrospect I should have posted this blog post as a comment/sequel to the other blog post, particularly after Standready posted a really good link about the subject.
deanhills on Mon Apr 13, 2015 11:40 pm

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