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Day 2 - Istanbul - Beyoglu

Beyoglu is a famous shopping area of Istanbul. Much more modern than the historic district of Sultan Ahmed. With plenty of nice restaurants and clubs that are open until the early hours of the morning. I arrived there fairly early on a Sunday morning and took some photos as I was walking right down its enormous centre street. The street has a tram that goes right through it ending at a metro stop. I decided to do it on foot instead so I could have a closer look at all of the attractions.

An interesting doggie waiting very patiently for its master to complete whatever he was doing:

Master finally back, and looks as though I was not the only one interested in it - it became quite the attraction:

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Looks so different. Architecture at least. I wonder what it sounds like and what it smells like. Sunglass hut Smile
TheGremlyn on Sat Sep 13, 2014 3:57 am
@TG. Once you're in the shops in that area of Istanbul - Beyoglu, it is very modern as you would find in any big city of the world. Just the streets that are still very old and of the cobble stone type.

Here is a typical cobble stone street where my hotel was situated in Sultan Ahmed. This street goes down to the metro. Really nice sense of community there:

Later that day I checked out a Mall - which was a small one on the other side of Beyoglu (one of my first trips on the metro) - just to compare - Metro Mall (reminded me a little of Metro City in Vancouver). I needed something from a Super Market, so it had quite a modern one. Very much in line with Canadian standards, perhaps even higher. They're now getting customers to weigh their own produce, as well as scan their shopping items and pay for it with credit/debit cards. Fascinating to watch (I only had cash so did my purchases the old-fashioned way). Quite a modern society in Turkey! Very Happy

If you're into shopping here's shopping in the old historic suburb of Sultan Ahmed - I took the photos for a colleague at work who wants to visit Turkey with a commercial fashion angle - she wants to start her own designer line:

Here's a view of the inside of an enormous Market inside Sultan Ahmed:

And a typical leather goods shop. They're huge in that and I was certain my friend would be able to do something with that and maybe some textiles. Particularly up her street as being from Sudan she loves bright colours.

Some shops inside Sultan Ahmed around the corner from where my Hotel was:

deanhills on Sat Sep 13, 2014 12:30 pm

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