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I don't like the new cPanel paper_lantern theme

So over the last week got to experience the new cPanel theme paper_lantern for the first time and must say I don't like it at all. It's name is already offputting to me - paper_lantern. I've checked the discussion at WebhostingTalk and looks as though I'm not the only one not liking it.

My personal dislikes:
1. The icons are too big, too bright, too overpowering, too "clip arty", too meaningless in design (i.e. the design of the icons don't look what they're supposed to do)
2. cPanel has removed quite a few of the features I really like about cPanel. One of them is the Legacy File Manager. I like the Legacy File Manager for doing quick jobs, create quick files, edit files on the fly, and the trash can is really neat to do a quick delete of files or folders as well. One can even create a quick php.ini file in it.

The other items I liked, particularly for when I started a few years ago are the help documentation and videos. They're now gone too.

Here is what cPanel the new paper_lantern theme looks like:

If you're interested to read latest documentation including a summary of the new theme - here's a link to it:

This is what has been removed from the current cpanel default X3 theme:
What's removed

Support for Frequently Accessed Areas, Lite Graphics, Hide Icons, Reveal all Boxes, Reset Box Order, and Help. These have been removed from the index page. Support for Help will return in future phases.

Video Tutorials, Shortcuts, Branding Editor, Change styles, CGI Center, FrontPage, and Legacy File Manager. The Legacy File Manager has finally joined our list of deprecated features, however, the Trash Can functionality will be added to the File Manager feature. The Branding Editor is only temporarily removed and will be improved and added back into Paper Lantern in later phases. Video Tutorials will be moved into the online documentation to ease in their maintenance.

Preferences section. The entire Preferences section of the index page has been moved to a User Preferences menu found in the page header.

And here are the known issues:

Known Issues

Twitter Bootstrap (CSS and JS) and the webfont are currently served from a CDN. These will be packaged up and distributed as RPMs in a later release.
Quick links are unaffected by the end-user's feature package or account plan.
Branding support is not yet implemented.
Third-party software that is not included in cPanel & WHM may have unexpected behaviors.
Icons on the Home interface have a white background. These will be converted to transparent PNG images in a later release.
BUG—Anonymous FTP and Remote MySQL feature pages show footer links in the header.
BUG—Webmail feature pages are unresponsive to the new layout; broken icons images are found on subsequent pages.
BUG—Small text under table rows on various pages may not be visible.
BUG—New font size causes the table of editable pages to render poorly on the Error Pages interface.
BUG—The mail client configuration page in Webmail displays incorrectly..

cPanel Source:

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one word - "YUCK"!
standready on Thu Jul 03, 2014 9:41 pm
"Yuck" is a good word Stand. The message from Webhosting Talk was overwhelmingly the same, yet cPanel seems to be sticking with this ugly new design.
deanhills on Thu Jul 03, 2014 9:43 pm

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