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Facebook New Look - June 2014

So last night decided to visit my Facebook Business Page, as haven't worked on it for two weeks. I just hate FaceBook, and decided to start a page a couple of months ago as a learning curve, but also to help this Forum where I'm an Admin at. The motto being to get to know the devil and its tricks and to make it work for me.

It was a real headache for me to create that page and found myself turning into a design victim of FaceBook's. It has to be the most inflexible, non-user friendly and tightly controlled social Website on the Web from a design point of view. The boiler plate design of the business page looks VERY messy with a dog's breakfast of notes and messages all on the same page. Not quite sure what I can see and what the visitors can see. Etc. Etc. But after a month or so I started to get the hang of it including how to turn off some of the "public" views. So was in reasonable control up to two weeks ago.

Then woe behold my discovery last night that FaceBook has implemented a New Look .... and what a disaster that turned out to negotiate with. I'm all for change for the better, and let's face it, FaceBook has LOTS of room for improvement, but none of it turned out for the better as far as I'm concerned. The first thing I noticed was that FaceBook decided to grab the category headings and plonk it right where my cover photo was in an eye-sore font. Even the profile photo looked awful. The category in itself was a challenge of its own, as the choices to select from are so narrow and not at all descriptive of the business the page was supposed to represent. And now it was staring me in my face with no choice to remove it. After about an hour of checking I found there was nothing I could do about it as it can't be changed. So strike ONE against this New Look Design of FaceBook's. Particularly for Business Pages that are supposed to have their own unique identity.

I like to use the Notes of Facebook, as I find I can at least write a decent message in it, I can use links, and I can put images in it. It used to work OK by the time I got the hang of it, but last night all of it turned into a disaster with this New Look Design. First of all, FaceBook decided to have toolbars over the page, and instead of being able to drag them around, they're anchored. So one of the toolbars - ironically Facebook's advertisement for wanting to get you to advertise - was anchored right over the link for creating a Notes Page - Strike TWO against the New Look Design.

However, the greatest time drain of last night by far was to try and sort out my Cover Image. All of it was really clumsy, again thanks to a vertical toolbar that was in the way and that I could not drag out of the way. Also, no option to view the cover photo easily. Then also fighting with the category type over the photo. It still looks awful, but at least a little improved from the first view when I opened up my FaceBook page last night. Including the profile image. Strike THREE!!!! And what an enormous drain on my time that turned out to be.

Also frustrating last night was that I AGAIN had to verify my account by phone as FaceBook after not seeing me for two weeks was unsure about my account. Why can't I use e-mail? Why does it have to be by phone? And obviously no recourse in this, as FaceBook obviously calls the shots. I guess next thing will probably be an identity verification? Can't get more EVIL than that! Evil or Very Mad

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I am probably one few remaining souls in the universe that does not go anywhere near Facebook.
standready on Fri Jun 13, 2014 4:18 am
Good for you Stand. I deserve to be suffering for sacrificing my principles to this extent. Initially I thought it was "me" for not really knowing how Facebook works. But now that I do for all of the basics, I'm even more critical than I've ever been before. Only part that has me going is the fact that I've undertaken to do it. And hate to give up. But the moment Facebook asks me for my ID I'll give up on Facebook completely. If not before.
deanhills on Fri Jun 13, 2014 2:55 pm

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