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Chicken halal supreme ....

Cooked up a storm last night. I love watching some of those cooking shows, and inspired by that went for gusto last night. And was well rewarded with a fantastic dish that didn't even need additional spices.

The whole process started on Sunday when I saw some interesting chicken thighs that have been imported as "fresh halal chicken" from Saudi Arabia at the little Super Market around the corner from where I live. So I thought to try it out. I then went on a vegetable buying spree for adding to a huge dish, which I hoped would create some extra servings that I could freeze afterwards.

So last night went something like this.

I chopped a HUGE leek (from Holland). It was a really GREAT leek. I then put it in a little plastic container. (inspired by the neatness and orderliness of the cooking shows Very Happy ). Then next I chopped six really great carrots from Australia. Crunchy, but not dried out, and full of orange colour. That went into a little plastic container as well. After that I chopped up about six huge stalks of celery, also from Australia. That went into a separate container too. Followed by mushrooms, not sure where they're from. Finally I chopped a whole bunch of parsley locally grown. Looked pretty neat and busy on my kitchen counter.

Following all of that I grated at least three inches of ginger, and pressed about 8 cloves of garlic, adding it to the leeks. That went into a fairly large favourite casserole dish of mine after I heated some coconut oil in it. After a minute of simmering, I added a good helping of vegetable broth, the carrots, more vegetable broth, the celery, more vegetable broth, the mushrooms, more vegetable broth, and the parsley.

Finally I opened this neat package of Halal Chicken Thighs from Saudi Arabia. Never tried it before, so first smelled if it was OK, and it smelled really very fresh. Also, not a drop of water or moisture in it. Don't know what they did with the thighs, as they were completely deboned and folded in. Once unfolded it turned into plenty of chicken. So not sure how I was going to deal with it, I decided to just add it to the pot of vegetables, with some more vegetable broth. Stirred it very well, and then let it cook for about 60 minutes at very low heat. About 30 minutes into the cooking I added a tin of chickpeas. Was totally amazed how great the dish turned out. The chicken almost melted in the mouth. NEVER had great chicken like that before. The combo of parsley, ginger, garlic and leeks was so flavourful, there was no need for any spices or salt.

Enjoyed two great helpings, and managed to freeze four further generous helpings as well.

This halal thing is beginning to grow on me now. Got to be something good in the taste, quality and health wise. Just hope that this was not a one-off at my local Supermarket, as hope to be repeating the halal chicken again, maybe with some different vegetables next time round.

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You are turning into a real international gourmet, Chef Dean.
standready on Tue Jun 03, 2014 9:04 pm
Haha anything but .... but that had been GREAT fun Very Happy
deanhills on Wed Jun 04, 2014 10:03 pm
Oh that sounds delicious! I'm really hungry, it's 12:11 here in Brazil and I'm waiting for my mom to arrive from the market with the food. I love the combo of chicken + ginger. I'm surely going to try your recipe!
Vanilla on Thu Jun 05, 2014 5:11 pm
Great stuff Vanilla. Long time since I've been to a genuine market, like your mom must have been. Sounds like a good meal in the making. Very Happy
deanhills on Thu Jun 05, 2014 7:32 pm

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