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Ethiopian Airways .... in flight

So I'm almost at the end of my holidays in South Africa. Will post up some photos once I'm back in the UAE, perhaps towards the end of the weekend. I travelled with Ethiopian Airways, which was interesting and fun. Two reasons for traveling with them were that the ticket was the cheapest, and on top of it they allow 30kg allowance for economy baggage, whereas KLM in partnership with Kenya Airways only allows 23kg. I needed the added allowance as I was bringing some special gifts to the growing family around here. Only drawback was the huge processing time that was needed with checking people in and doing the transfer in Adis Ababa. I thought I allowed myself enough time for a good dinner before departure in the early morning hours from Dubai, but spent most of the three hours in a huge line-up where passengers were negotiating their bulky bags, passenger by passenger, inevitably sent off to repack and thin out. I had just enough time after that to wade through customs, security and get to the Gate. Then another huge line-up for entry to the gate, and then a mad rush and stampede to get into the plane.

In Adis Ababa I had about an hour and fifty minutes transfer time, but that again was spent in a HUGE lineup for security into the gate from the transfer area. YET, in spite of these processing delays the flights in both Dubai and Ethiopia were slap bang on time. We departed slightly late from Dubai, but the time was made up almost to the clock. Departure from Adis Ababa was right on the minute and we arrived right on time in Johannesburg too. Totally impressed. Bags arrived on time too. The inflight entertainment movie wise was much improved from Kenya Airways. Food was not bad at all and free alcohol was served.

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After that mess with security, free alcohol would be much needed. Enjoy your time with the family and South Africa. I bet some great photos are coming when you get back.
standready on Wed Feb 26, 2014 3:13 am
Thanks Stand! Waiting in a lodge near the Hotel for my return flight tomorrow. Will make some more blog posts when I'm back over the weekend as noticed there's been a great slump in posts. Darn!
deanhills on Wed Feb 26, 2014 4:54 pm
Ah, the pleasure of air travel! I got to the point where I really try to avoid that. For many flights you spend more time in the airport or on your way to the airport than in the plane, where you are packed into narrow seats like a sardine.
I prefer to pack my backpack and do some hiking here in Germany or in the Alps. The next hike is already coming up soon ( next week: the Soonwaldsteig ).

Oh - where are the photos ? I am curious to see some, especially as a friend just told me a few days ago how beautiful South Africa is. He said: you don't have to travel far from Kapstadt to get into all different kinds of beautiful landscapes, from astonishing coast lines to high mountains, forests and areas where they grow vine.
May be some time I have to get back into a plane ...
amagard on Sat Apr 26, 2014 12:38 pm
Wish I could do a similar hike Amagard. That sounds wonderful. And this must be a good time of the year to do it too.

I've almost forgotten about this trip, not sure where my photos are. Was very lazy with taking photos during the last trip to South Africa.
deanhills on Sat Apr 26, 2014 2:18 pm
There are so many Great Airways like Etihad, Emirates, Lufthansa
jackbreat on Thu May 01, 2014 6:56 am

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