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Holidays coming up again ....

Looks as though I'm going to be heading off to Oman again soon. Am really looking forward to it, very much a necessary escape as have been dead tired of work, and same ol' same ol', need a break. Glorious weather here in the Middle East particularly after the recent rain storms. Not too hot, not too cold .... Goldilocks weather. So am hoping to spend plenty of time out in fresh air, hopefully on a boat in the Gulf of Oman as well.

UAE is having two holidays instead of one for their National Day. Am adding on a couple of days. And heading for the coast!

Darn, I still haven't posted up my photos of Eid in Oman. Getting lazier and lazier by the day. Brick wall

Except for this one that I posted up as part of a competition - taken at the back of the boat to Fahal Island:

OK, just resized some more photos. This one was taken from the boat while we were stationary at the jetty of Marina Banda outside Muscat:

Here's a photo of every one getting settled with their diving gear before take-off:

Another view from the boat en route to Fahal Island:

This photo was taken in the bus, being compassionate of the poor Goat during Eid. Plenty of sights like these. When I arrived at my destination there was a goat tethered and bleating its lungs out inside a building under construction right in the middle of Ruwi. Not a good time for goats during Eid:

This photo is my favourite Coffee Shop in Ruwi. To the right is a typical Omani taxi. Only Omanis are allowed to own and drive taxis in Muscat. Quite an experience to be driven in those. Like kamakazi driving Razz

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I am jealous considering our ground is lightly covered with snow this day and roads are slick. Enjoy your holiday!
standready on Tue Nov 26, 2013 3:44 am
I really like the first picture. The water looks so nice, makes me want to go swimming! Also makes me thirsty... Hmm... And the goat in the back of the truck bed was kind of funny Smile
TheGremlyn on Tue Nov 26, 2013 1:17 pm
This place is really so nice and attractive. I have really loved this place. I have now decided to visit that place. Your picture will also be very nice. I have so much excited to visit this place.
jackbreat on Wed Sep 10, 2014 7:19 am

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