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Writing to impress a select audience

I can't help wonder when I'm reading some of the posts in the Forums, whether they are sincerely written as a response to the topic, or written for an audience, i.e. writing to impress a select group of people who are known to be banding together or lead person. For example, one person may start a topic, and that person is typically ridiculed, or made to look ridiculous over a period of time. So next thing you see a whole band of people descending on the topic, and I just can't shake the feeling they're writing to impress the band or lead person more than responding sincerely to the topic and the person who opened the topic. To the detriment of the person who opened the topic or course.

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You are free to think what you like of course but, personally, my sole agenda is always sharing my thoughts honestly in any discussion which interests me. To lie or tactically post would involve more effort than I would care to make on an internet forum.
Am I aware that X or Y member(s) may, or may not, agree with me? Of course, but every post from me on Frihost is and always has been sincere and truthful at the moment I click 'Submit'.
If anyone wishes to challenge any of my posts/intentions/etc then this is a public forum and I am always happy to engage.

...but as we are talking generally, and you haven't chosen to name me, I must assume you mean someone else, or you do not have enough confidence in your argument to challenge anything I've posted recently.

Let me guess Dean, this is to do with the theist/atheist divide...again Wink
watersoul on Tue Nov 12, 2013 8:58 pm
I see that kind of responses on many different forums, Dean. I guess that just those people feel better. I like healthy debates rather than attacks.
standready on Tue Nov 12, 2013 10:34 pm
Thanks Watersoul. You know me well *grin*, think that is as far as I'd like to comment on that. I really like your posts, particularly outside the Faith and Phil&Rel Forums. They're honest as you mentioned, sincere, and alive. Makes it worth posting at Frihost. I remember Blaster's posts had that effect too, so do the posts ofTheGremlin, William, Vanilla, Matrix, Ankhanu in his Blog, Bondings, Coolclay, Ocalhoun, IceCreamTruck and a few others who take plenty of trouble with their posts and are posting in the same style as you do - authentic, true to life, unique and honest. Not that I'm not appreciating every one else's writing. Some people write one or two lines that can grab me, like Truespeed with some of his wry comments, and Standready with his on-the-mark insights. We've got some new and returning members I've noticed too, like Selin and Ratanegra, and apologies to all of the others who have escaped my brain cells during this post.

Any way, now and then I get quite nostalgic, and this must be one of those times.
deanhills on Wed Nov 13, 2013 11:57 am
I wouldn't say they are not sincerely written. They are written though as an argument to challenge which in its challenge does bring a certain following and the gang is certainly all here for that! People post knowing others will copy their method of attack.
Bluedoll on Wed Nov 13, 2013 1:12 pm
This is an interesting post in that in thinking of a reply to this very post, I am wondering whether my position, if it was different, is temporarily shifted in a way that makes me agree to it. I do agree with it, however Cool. But I also think that some of the times it may perhaps be an unintentional act done for the sake of security? It is usually hard to be aware that one is part of something. Not that I like it when I come across one, nor am I saying that it is constructive. But I am inclined to think that it is also a very social, if not natural thing to do, yet sometimes almost cruel if there happens to be a target.
Don't know if I am making much sense here, I will be taking a little break from all the works and computers *-*
Sylin on Wed Nov 13, 2013 1:50 pm
Although Dean is being vague,I will hazard a guess he is talking about the P&R forums.

I don't think there is any real solution to the perceived attacks (I don't personally think anyone is being singled out or attacked). The problem is,one side is debating from the point of view of evidence and the other from faith,these two things can never be reconciled so the discussions are almost pointless in a way.

It would be nice sometimes if there could perhaps be a topic titled "Understanding theists" asking them what they think and why they think it,instead of jumping on to and pointing out every little thing that doesn't tally with reality.
truespeed on Wed Nov 13, 2013 3:16 pm
Thanks for the nod, Dean; glad I come off as sincere! I’m particularly glad I come off as sincere because, as you know, I am a sarcastic SOB… which can deflect sincerity at times.
I’m not really sure I necessarily agree that the audience phenomenon occurs, so much as there’s something of a sounding board or echo chamber effect occurring in a lot of instances; a synergetic ratcheting of opinion/stance that can build a pretty imposing wall to someone of a dissenting stance. Less writing to impress, more amplification, building off of one another. This can make it appear that users are ganging up on others, which, I suppose is kind of true, in a sense. Of course, I think a well constructed, and well thought out response from the “other side” would go a long way towards reducing this impression.

I have to admit, there are certain users that I respond to far more than I should… they make commentary that grates me and seems obviously fallacious. Though I tend to suppress response, all too often I do make a refutation, or call out bollocks… even though I know it’s pointless and will lead to nothing but perhaps conflict. I’ve managed to learn to simply not respond to certain users at all, but others still goad me into response.

In a different sense, there are other users that I do try to “impress” in my posts on occasion… though it’s less trying to impress them and FAR more trying to make an argument they can’t shoot holes through. It’s more of a challenge to myself to construct a proper argument, and less of an attempt to impress. That doesn’t manifest in the sort of banding behaviour that you’re describing, however.

[quote=“truespeed”]It would be nice sometimes if there could perhaps be a topic titled "Understanding theists" asking them what they think and why they think it,instead of jumping on to and pointing out every little thing that doesn't tally with reality.[/quote]
This thread by Watersoul somewhat fits the bill, I think.
Ankhanu on Wed Nov 13, 2013 7:09 pm

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