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Story of my fridge door that got unhinged ...

OK so yesterday afternoon I got the surprise of my life. First I noticed my fridge door was not closing by itself. And didn't think too much off it, telling myself to be careful to make sure I closed it. Then after opening it a fourth time, the door came completely away from the top hinge. What a surprise that was! Upon closer investigation I found that the bottom plastic hinge had eroded and had disintegrated. Darn! I could wedge the fridge door into the top hinge and get the door to close, as thankfully it's door seal was very strong. But I knew it was not going to last very long. And I had a freezer of expensive frozen food to consider.

So just to get things into perspective here in the UAE. Where I live people don't maintain their appliances, as there are no real technicians the way we know them, who specialize in repairing appliances. So if anything goes wrong with an appliance, one goes out to buy a brand-new one and ask the delivery truck to dispose of the "broken" one. It's the last expense I wanted at this time, particularly since I'm due for departure towards same time next year. I'd like my fridge to last at least until then.

We have a team of labourers and "handy men" in our compound where I live who are paid miserable wages to do odd jobs and repairs. I've befriended one of them - Noor - who over the last two or three years have become a good friend of mine. Probably helped along a little by supplementing his low wages. His last claim to fame for me is our battles with termites in my home. I try and pay him what he would have earned abroad, if he had done a similar job where I come from. Any way, long story shorter, although I thought that this would be completely outside his field of expertise, I phoned him any way, to ask whether he knew of someone who could help repair a fridge door?

So next thing Noor arrives to check out the problem, and at the same time whipped out a very old business card of his as evidence of being a qualified refrigerator technician from India. Wow! Things were looking up. I was still a bit dubious, as not sure what they do to maintain fridges in India, but thought I might just as well give this a try. So by agreement he was to come this morning to lift the door off my fridge, take it to his quarters and fashion his own hinge to replace the plastic one. I was worried as I have a freezer full of meat and fish. But he assured me he could do the repair in an hour.

In the end he managed to do it in just a little bit more than an hour. Proudly presented me with the new hinge attached in the bottom of the fridge door that included a metal screw of a kind in it, obviously home made. He then re-installed the door, and it's working better than it was before it came away. Completely impressed me! I did pay him of course, but I think he got lots of pride from the project as well, as he was beaming from ear to ear with his handy work. Made me happy of course as well. Didn't have to waste time to go hunt for a new fridge, go through the stress of finding someone to deliver it to me, and to get rid of the old fridge. Also to figure out where to keep the frozen items while I was changing fridges. Well done Noor!

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What a great story and what a stroke of luck that Noor was a refrigerator repair man!
GuidanceReader on Mon Oct 07, 2013 3:19 am
It's lucky you have this friend.
A good repair man should try fixing before sale.
rx9876 on Mon Oct 07, 2013 4:48 am
Fantastic Dean! I take it you can't simply order a replacement hinge like I would have. Way to go Noor!
standready on Mon Oct 07, 2013 10:16 pm
You're right. I probably could have tried to find the hinge, but that would probably have been one of those impossible missions.

Door's still in great shape. I love my fridge door. Razz
deanhills on Tue Oct 08, 2013 9:38 pm

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