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In Memorium

I still think of Vrythramax, one of our golden oldie mods who passed away sadly in 2011. I was thinking how happy he would have been if he had known he still was No. 10 in number of posts at Frihost. That position was important to him.

When I checked through the numbers tonight, the first time in months, probably feeling a bit nostalgic tonight, realized how stagnant the numbers have become. Like two thirds of the top 10 posters are no longer posting regularly at Frihost or stopped to post a long while ago. The period during which those large number of posts were made is long gone. If someone should catch up with Vrythramax finally, it would have taken almost three years to happen. With him not having made a single post. Guess that marks the end of a Golden Era of Frihost that probably will never be revived again.

People sometimes remark on my number of posts as on the excessive side, but wonder how completely true that is. The reality is I've been posting with exactly the same energy over a number of years, whereas those who were in the top numbers at the time I joined, either reduced the frequency or their posts or like Ocalhoun simply stopped to post completely. Bikerman and Ocalhoun used to be the top quality volume posters for a very long time. And it's not because I'm posting more that my number looks so large, but just because others had stopped to post the numbers they used to post. If they had continued to post, even at a marginally slower rate, they would have been close in number to what I am today. Maybe I got into a habit of Frihost that they seem to have loosened from, and who knows, maybe I'll have to catch up with that one day as well. Does feel sad however and wonder whether Vrythramax would have approved.

Here are the posting numbers of the top ten posters:

1. Deanhills (18835 - regular poster)
2. Bondings (13319 - irregular admin posts)
3. Bikerman (13121 - regular quality posts)
4. Ocalhoun (12414 - irregular quality posts)
5. n0obie4life (7512 - departed 2006)
6. tidruG (6120 - semi-retired)
7. Blaster (5325 - semi-retired)
8. Rvec (5091 - semi-retired)
9. Mathiaus (5046 - irregular posts)
10. Vrythramax (4772 - passed away 2011)

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I miss our elder posters. I post regularly but I don't express myself that much. Maybe being older (but certainly not wiser), I just tend to keep my thoughts and opinions to myself. I often type something then 'cancel'.
standready on Tue Oct 01, 2013 11:40 pm
That's kinda crazy... maybe I should stop posting so he stays (I'm catching up) Wink

I barely knew Max, but, I also think about him from time to time. Wasn't too long ago that I saw an updated thread in the P&R forum, looked to the left to see who'd commented and saw his name... threw me for a serious loop. Then I realized I'd looked up a line to the last sticky he'd posted, not the latest post. Still sad he's not with us anymore.
Ankhanu on Wed Oct 02, 2013 2:06 am
I noticed too that you're about to overtake him Ankhanu. I'd say he'd have been happy with that too. Cool
deanhills on Wed Oct 02, 2013 6:51 pm
As usual I'm very late coming to this and although I'm bumping, It's a topic I can't just pass.

I remember when it first came to my attention and thinking (and hoping) that it was just a horrible joke. I was very sad to hear of his passing. We had become friends which I'm glad to say I've made many of here. Not only was he active on the forums in public, but also behind the scenes moderating and of course the IRC channel where I spent many a late night chatting to him and others. The 'good old times' I remember them as Smile

As for his legacy, I don't think he would have cared for a second for his post count but his contribution to the community and the friends he left behind and those he argued with but respected.
This place obviously wouldn't exist at all without Bondings but the mods really do make a huge, long-term difference to the overall feel of the forums, helping to improve those willing to, and getting rid of the trouble making rest!

Dean, well done for passing everyone! Didn't think anyone was going to do it, really good to see someone has, and by good posting, rather than spam. Very Happy
mathiaus on Mon Apr 28, 2014 1:03 am
Thanks Mathiaus. I still miss Max. I remember for the longest of time I was hoping he'd come back with one of his signature "I'm back" threads. Took a long time to believe it was real.
deanhills on Mon Apr 28, 2014 7:04 pm
Just had a look at the top ten posters and the numbers and regularity of posts have changed quite a bit since 1 October (7 months ago). The top ten now look like this:

1. Deanhills (19783 - regular poster) (made 948 posts since 1 October)
2. Bikerman (13621 - regular quality posts) (made 500 posts since 1 October)
3. Bondings (13323 - absent) (made 0 posts since 1 October)
4. Ocalhoun (12414 - absent) (made 0 posts since 1 October)
5. n0obie4life (7512 - departed 2006)
6. tidruG (6123 - semi-retired) (made 3 posts since 1 October)
7. Blaster (5719 - back with a blast) (made 394 posts since last count in 1 October)
8. Ankhanu (5672 - regular quality posts) (don't have number to compare with must be large though as he was at Max's heels on 1 October - maybe 890 plus or minus?)
9. Rvec (5091 - absent for a long while) (made 0 posts since 1 October)
10. Mathiaus (5046 - irregular posts) (4 posts since 1 October)
deanhills on Fri May 02, 2014 8:27 pm
I'm about to be knocked off then Cool
mathiaus on Sat May 03, 2014 11:10 pm
Strangely enough, even if you made no posts, at the rate we're posting right now, it would take a very VERY long time for someone to catch up with you. Maybe a year or two, maybe more. The next active poster after you is 1400 posts behind you. We're not generating enough posts for someone to be able to catch up without spamming.

11. Vrythramax (departed) 4741
12. Helios (inactive) 4726
13. Animal (inactive) 4614
14. mOrpheuS (inactive) 4297
15. S3nd K3ys (inactive) 4086
16. James007 (inactive) 3873
17. Ghostrider103 (infrequent) 3837
18. Standready (active) 3646
19. Indi (active) 3569
20. Wumingden (inactive) 3462
21. Caxius (inactive) 3376
22. Scorpio (inactive) 3221
23. Vanilla (infrequent) 3165
24. Truespeed (active) 3083
deanhills on Sun May 04, 2014 12:16 am

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