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Ode to our Kitchen Spammer

136 guests, myself, anandseth898, catscratches, and crystalkey. Almost zero posts to respond to. Fertile circs for paying attention to our Kitchen Spammer, who has become quite virulent off late in his favourite Frihost General Chat Forum. Looks as though me and him have at least one thing in common. Hehe ....

Wait a minute, he's a guest at quite a few other forums as well, and what a treasure trove of comments there are on this guy .... alas, I'm not alone in paying him attention:

It could be one of us. There are literally millions (wild, uninformed guess) of forums on the interwebz. A spammer still has to register & sign in to post, and there are generally anti-bot safeguards in place. They can't possibly do them all. So why is this particular spammer targeting the Sonar forums almost daily? It's not as if DAW users are naturally predisposed to having new kitchens fitted. I'm baffled.
Source: Cakewalk Forum

I know you are not supposed to name and shame on here, but after a bit of research it appears that the man responsible for the constant spams for kitchens on here and just about every other forum he can get on, is a very dodgy character called Vance Miller aka The Kitchen Gangster, who you may remember from such programs as Watchdog.
Source: E-Bay Discussion Forum

This one says it as it is:
Dear Kitchen Spammer A**holes,

First off, Fu** You.

Second off, I will defeat you. I have bolstered our defenses. I have no doubt that your indonesian slave laborers will eventually defeat them, but my defenses are now adaptable like the borg. F*** you and f*** your stupid goddamn kitchens!

The Internet
Source: Stardrive Game Forum

Cache from the UK Melanoma Patients Forum who had a whole thread dedicated to the kitchen spammer

Following is some "sane" moderating of a thread that was opened for the kitchen spammer by the Site Admin no less:

Fun thing is these ones aren't actually bots. Some poor bastard in a third-world country is actually being paid some pitiful wage to manually make accounts and spam. Not sure why the kitchens one has been a thing lately, but they sorta cycle. We went through a period where we'd get these really obnoxious ones for some callgirl service; and then there's the movie ones.

Anyway, this really doesn't give much of a discussion starting point, so iLock.
Source: NationStates Forum

This one is also by an Admin from the MS Society in the UK (me thinks this spammer is from the UK):
Apologies to those irritated by the Kitchen spam, the hard working moderators have been told to refrain from deleting them this morning, in order that our developer can see the extent of the problem.

Usually, we spend the first part of the morning ridding the boards of this spam. It's a woeful problem and rest assured we have done everything; from calling the offices of the company and complaining in person, to reporting them to the ombudsman.

Like other websites that have endured this problem- complaining to the company has actually made the situation worse.

They come from individual operators, who fill out the Captcha security test in order to become members, then fill the boards with spam from separate ISP addresses.

Please bear with us while we try to deal with this.

Kind regards

Stewart (admin)
Source: Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Another Forum in the UK:

Can we keep the kitchen spammers off here?
Every day, it seems, I get half a dozen or more emails saying there's a new post about bloody kitchens. It always references the same website - is there no auto-filtering possible on this forum software?

There's never an actual thread, of course...

Why not have a rule that you can't post anything containing a link until you've been on here for a week? That way, the drive-by spammers could be auto-rejected.

Source: Lynne Forums

Aha! This guy knows something about the spammer - this time from a budgie forum:
Warning!!! Please do not even think about using the kitchen guys who are continually spamming the forum.

I did a bit of quick research and its some known UK con guy who trades under a number of different names, very similar to good kitchen companies with good reputations to trick buyers.

I think he's spamming using some Indonesian spammers to flood this stuff onto forums everywhere.

To the moderators - maybe first time posters may have to be moderated before being allowed to post? Would that work?
Source: Budgerigarsforum

Haha .... the owner of AVForums went for this spammer with a vengeance .... now this is cloak and dagger stuff:
Kitchen Units, Rochdate/Manchester - AVOID!
Want to Advertise?
We were spammed today by someone from Indonesia, advertising a company called Kitchen Units Leicester with the phone number 01616-694785.
Now I sometimes phone UK companies who have spammed us because they are usually not aware that the they are spending with a disreputable SEO company is being spent hiring peasants in poor countries (like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia) for peanuts to post links on lots of forums and who care not about websites' T&Cs and rules about spam.

So I phoned the number in the spam 01616-694785. At first the number was engaged. Odd. So I phoned again. Number 4 in the queue. I waited patiently and then asked to speak to a manager. I was then on hold for 10 minutes before I hung up. I rang again to ask why I had been put on hold for 10 minutes. Engaged again. Then number 6 in the queue.
While on hold I did some Googling. What I found made me hang up and post this thread.

First of all 0161 I recall is a Manchester number.
Quick check. Yes it is. Not Leicester.

Then I did a search for the number online and found lots of results. Most were spam on other forums which has been deleted.

St. Albans?

I also got some results from customers discussing the company:
New Kitchen Rip-off - Page 2 - Consumer Forum
Search complaints

Seems that Kitchen Units are Kitchen Uber, Just Kitchen and Simply Kitchens, and are run by Martin Sersen / Vance Miller.

A search on Martin Sersen brought up
Kitchensuber - Forums

And a search on Vance Miller brought up
Vance Miller - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I decided that nobody at the company would care a hoot that spammers were giving them a bad name since they already have one.

So I have banned the spammer and sent his details to our anti-spam service. If they spam us again, I'll censor the domain.

Meanwhile, hopefully this thread will make it up Google's search results for Kitchen Units so people know to take care before parting with their hard earned cash.
Source: AVForums

More links here ...

8 blog comments below

Good grief. Kitchens all over. Does not care that the spam is totally useless or should I call it 'inappropriately themed' on most of the sites.
If this person has their own board, I would slam my product all over his boards as well as ask others here to join in.
standready on Wed Aug 28, 2013 7:26 pm
Thanks to the staff for taking care of the last round of Kitchen Spammer posts in the General Chat Forum. Pretty awesome with zero spam there during my last posting session! Cool
deanhills on Fri Aug 30, 2013 11:03 am
I agree, Dean. I know Mods appreciate the use of the 'report' button to help them rid the boards of spam.
standready on Fri Aug 30, 2013 11:33 am
I get at least one kitchen spam post a day on my forums,They come on the same time of day everyday,usually early morning UK time. I have never had a movie spam post though,well not yet anyway.
truespeed on Tue Sep 03, 2013 9:28 am
Posts like that do nothing for the internet, what the heck are they trying to do besides bilk anyone they can out of their own hard earned money. Geez, these guys need to just quit already. If there was a way to prevent them from posting I would employ it, but I do not know of anything that will truly defend against human spammers of this like. Sad.

The things that some people think or at least decide are acceptable in some form or another is seriously depressing.
pauline123 on Tue Sep 03, 2013 10:17 pm
Agreed Pauline. Must say the kitchen spammer is VERY hard working, creative and determined. And very successful at creating maximum frustration.
deanhills on Wed Sep 04, 2013 1:58 am
kitchen spam may be out but video spam is expanding.
standready on Thu Sep 05, 2013 8:15 pm
Laughing Right on .... time to do some research on that ... watch this space. Twisted Evil
deanhills on Thu Sep 05, 2013 8:50 pm

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