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Oman trip 30 Nov to 2 Dec 2012

Here are some photos of my favourite spot in Oman, which is called Matrah, but also The Corniche for it is embraced by a very long sea wall that stretches from the fish market and harbour port for literally miles and miles on a scenic road. There is also a very famous gold souk in the area as well.

This is my favourite photo out of the ones taken. This spot was a little off the corniche outside the souk and harbour port area. Great spot.

This photo of a Heron was taken in the harbour area on the fish market side. Plenty of fish pickings for the herons and egrets.

The fishermen below have just returned from fishing and are cleaning their nets from fish before going for another trip. I was there fairly early, around 7:00 a.m.

Part of the fish market is this area where local staff will clean fish for customers.

Some more photos of the fish market

Had some nice tea at this coffee shop. Tea here is made with Indian spices and very delicious. Ironically it's cheaper than coffee too.

This one's for Standready again. A cat by the coffee shop having some nice raw fish as a treat.

His Royal Highness Sultan Qaboos's yacht - haven't seen it in use ever. He has two of those in the harbour. Two palaces in Muscat, and also one each in Sohar and Nizwa.

This photo was taken the next day at a different angle. Visibility was much brighter after the enormous storm of the night before.

Muscat had plenty of rain - its first rain in a year, the evening before. Everything was flooded.

Enjoyed photographing this liner being brought into harbour and parked by two tug boats.

A watch repair specialist - not often that one sees this any more.

More flooding on the way home in the Sohar area

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A picture of a cat enjoying a fest for me. How thoughtful, Dean. Sultan knows how to spend money, doesn't he? Always fun watching tugboats 'park' those big ships.
I agree with you on the first photo - fantastic!!
standready on Wed Dec 05, 2012 10:39 pm
Thanks Stand! Was a great trip. Think I need to repeat it again soon, particularly since it is so conveniently situated close to where I am and it is low cost.
deanhills on Thu Dec 06, 2012 4:54 am

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