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Last stop in Ecuador - Quito

My last three days - two nights - were spent in Quito, the capital city of Ecuador.

I flew from Manta to Quito and as we were approaching Quito, was able to take this photo through the cabin window of the plane. It is a photo of the Cotopaxi, which is a stratovolcano in the Andes Mountains. The second highest summit in the country, reaching a height of 5,897 m. Quito itself is 2800 metres above sea level.

The photo below is of the Cathedral of Quito. I was very disappointed in it as it was so full of commercial activity, difficult to get into the cathedral and was happy when our visit to the cathedral had come to an end.

I took a large number of pictures in the historic area of Quito, plenty of churches and Government buildings. This is a typical sight in the area.

Monument of the Virgin Mary on top of an enormous hill, the Panecillo, towering over the city of Quito.

This was a view of the city from the Panecillo Hill

While we were visiting this attraction there was a dirt bike ride on the go for small children riding down the hill. This photo was taken directly under the Virgin Mary Monument

A dog being thoroughly bored by it all lying on a patch of lawn directly below the Virgin Mary Monument. Great character! Smile

So Quito also has a bike sharing system I discovered. Took this photo on my last walk in the early evening in Quito.

This was where I had my last cappucino in Ecuador. The Sweet & Coffee is a better version by far for me of Starbucks. There is no Starbucks in Ecuador. This Sweet & Coffee was in a Shopping Mall not far from my Hotel. My favourite Cappucinos at this franchise that was everywhere from Cuenca to Guyaquil to Manta and Quito, were Vanilla, Baileys and Kahlua. Also had my best Chai tea ever at the Sweet & Coffee.

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I have looked into all photographs here deep to get real face of Dean. Unfortunately there is no one which can help to identify him.
rjraaz on Sat Dec 01, 2012 5:15 pm
Thank you, Dean, for all the beautiful photos. There are some gorgeous 'air'scapes' and old buildings. Any coffee beats Star Bucks! One question though: What was that lazy dog chewing on? Or did you dare to get close enough? - laugh
standready on Sun Dec 02, 2012 3:02 am

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