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From Guayaquil to Pacific Coast

I was enormously happy to leave Guayaquil for Bahía de Caráquez (Bahia for short) on the Pacific Coast (about four hours by road). I was lucky to get a really good taxi driver by the name of Pablo. Here are some of the photos I took while we were driving. I never asked for Pablo to stop, all were taken while we were driving.

The photos below were taken as we were approaching Manabi, one of the bigger towns en route to Bahia ....

I took this photo while we were driving as well, entering Manabi.

A typical landscape en route to Bahia.

Honey country .... plenty of these farm stalls on the road. Motor bikes are pretty popular in these areas. When we were in Bahia I saw mother sitting on back with small baby in arm, then as we were passing dad had three toddlers on his lap. Heard from a tour guide a little later when I was in Manta that there are plenty of terrible accidents that happen on those family rides.

Couldn't resist taking this photo of a very old Fiat in Bahia

Photo of the beach in Bahia

Stayed in Bahia for about an hour before Pablo took me to Manta, which is a much bigger city on the Pacific Coast. That was my absolute favourite city on my trip, as just could not get enough of the Pacific Coast, and scenery along the coast.

The picture below was taken very late in the afternoon, just before getting to Manta

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Fantastic photos, Dean. Must have not been moving too fast. Very cool arch entering Manabi.
standready on Wed Dec 05, 2012 1:55 am
Good point. The driving speed is 100 km/h and strictly enforced. But because of dense traffic in portions it can be even lower than that.

I tried to take photos when I was traveling in a bus in Oman, however it's just the opposite. Drivers are driving at huge speeds so it was not possible to take photos. Tail gating like crazy. The Omani bus driver at the beginning of the trip was having fun with two Omani girls in a very expensive black SLK Merc in peak traffic on Muscat's central high way. Almost right on top of their car. Ecuador has its own hazards however in terms of weather, rain and land slides. The areas that I were in roads were in reasonable good shape, but there are other areas apparently where roads have potholes and that would probably slow down driving as well.
deanhills on Wed Dec 05, 2012 9:02 am

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