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Ecuador - In transit to Guayaquil

Following Cuenca, I had a two day (one night) visit to Loja and Vilcabamba. Loja was my favourite of the two as it is about half the size of Cuenca, and weather wise the climate is GREAT. It rarely goes under 22 degrees Celsius or above 25 degrees Celsius. Vilcabamba was nice and warm, a bit small for my taste though fantastic for mountain climbing and mountain hikes. I had a brief afternoon visit there.

The trip from Cuenca to Loja was AWESOME. The drive was through the Andes Mountains, one great pass of about two hours drive from Cuenca to Loja. I probably could have used the bus, but since I had such little time available, and the bus would have doubled or maybe even tripled my traveling time, I managed to find shared transportation which in the end for the journey from Cuenca to Loja at 6:00 a.m. in the morning meant me being the only passenger. Was one of the best trips I had with the road winding continuously at very great heights. Road was in great shape, but was also very lucky with the great sunshine weather. It rains very often in the mountain passes, making it quite hazardous to navigate through. My return journey the next day was the exact same road, and was lucky with good weather as well. More traffic however since I returned during the late afternoon.

Here are two photos of the Simon Bolivar mural. Simon Bolivar is known for fighting against Spanish occupation in South America and one finds hundreds of statues and memorials dedicated to him all over Ecuador:

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Sounds like a fun time, Dean. I like that mural of Simon
standready on Wed Dec 05, 2012 1:45 am
I don't think the photo does justice to the mural. Was really something great to discover in an industrial area of the city.
deanhills on Wed Dec 05, 2012 9:05 am

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