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I used a train service from Ottawa to Montreal - Via Rail Canada and booked that about a month in advance while I was still in the UAE. About USD30. About half the price to do it this way, but one has to be fairly certain of one's dates as there is a large penalty for changes. My departure was on 8 September for a 3-day stay in Montreal. We had an enormous rain storm during the morning that I was due to depart for Montreal, and it stormed all the way from the Rail Station in Ottawa to Montreal. Train journey in spite of the storms was on time - took two hours to get to Montreal.

After checking into my Hotel - the Hilton Garden Inn in Sherbrooke Street, there was one more storm before everything cleared up and I had sunny weather for the rest of my stay in Montreal. Weather changed to much cooler though, like 16 degrees Celsius at midday with a nippy breeze now and then in comparison with in the twenties in Ottawa. I can really recommend the Hilton Garden Inn. I lucked out as there was a wedding on, and shortage of rooms, so they gave me a big suite that looked brand-new albeit was facing to the back of the Hotel. There was an enormous super market opposite the road as well as an organics food store, so there was no need to eat out. Really love this part of the city.

When one goes out into Montreal City, there are old buildings every where, speckled with some great modern glass structures and high rises. As well as MANY catholic churches. Quebec is catholic church country. I noted many catholic churches during my train ride from Ottawa to Montreal, nice to see some sights of the real country side as well.

I've posted photos of the buildings at the bottom of this blog post, however the photo opportunity that meant the most to me was this tribute to Steve Jobs close to McGill University. I couldn't get enough of it. It was in Sherbrooke street, and every time I passed it, had to re-check the incredible details of this bronze statue.

Here is another bronze statue I found a few block down Sherbrooke:

Couldn't help think of Phil&Rel Forum when I saw this near McGill University. Note the lady in shorts. Shorts is standard wear every where I was in Ottawa and Montreal, particularly in Ottawa. The shorter the better. Smile Had to get used to that after having become accustomed to more conservative wear in the UAE.

So Bixie bike rental is alive and well in Montreal as well:

Here are some photos of the buildings in Montreal

And a War Memorial of Canadian soldiers who had fought in the South African Boer/English war

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