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A quickie on the fly ....

Haven't been able to get to posting at Frihost. Probably the longest ever I've been away! Just completed my journey to Canada (Ottawa and Montreal) and will post about my travels there later. I did take some photos that I would like to upload as well.

Just been through the marathon continent hopping trip from Montreal through JFK Airport in New York to Guayaquil in Ecuador, then from Guayaquil to Quito. Sort of on the go for almost 24 hours. Had a 12 hour stop over in Quito and decided to check myself into a Hotel before my final journey to Cuenca. They seem to have some nice fast internet, may be the last in a while, but if not, will try and post more if I can when I reach Cuenca.

Surprise in my travels was that Canadians at Montreal Pierre Trudeau Airport clear US Customs at the airport before they fly to the US. There is a separate section in International Departures particularly for US travel. So no US customs to clear when we arrived at JFK. I'd been steeling myself for that treatment, and it turned out to be a GREAT treatment by US Immigration on Canadian soil. Smile I thought JFK would be a mind bender, but everything worked logical. Landed at Terminal 1 courtesy of Delta Airways, and only needed to ask one question how to get to Terminal 8 that was very well answered by an easy to spot and accessible Information Desk. There is an "Air Train" service for traveling between Terminals, and directions were very well posted every where. Probably took me less than 30 minutes from where we landed, to getting out of the plane, and getting to Terminal 8. That impressed me. Infrastructure in JFK as far as seats in the departure hall as well as Wireless access etc etc was poor. Not a great airport from that point of view. Nowhere to stretch out either.

My flight to Ecuador from JFK Airport traveled over Miami and Cuba. I was totally impressed as the flight took off ahead of schedule, a couple of minutes, and arrived 30 minutes ahead of schedule in Guayaquil. Courtesy LAN Airlines in partnership with American Airlines. Everything worked excellent at Guyaquil Airport. Flight to Quito also departed slap bang on schedule this morning at 7:30 a.m. So hope the same will happen to my flight tonight to Cuenca. Hopefully after that I'll be doing surface traveling only. Gotta go ... taxi waiting. Darn! I do miss Frihost. Smile

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Travelling for business or pleasure?

Canadian here, how did you enjoy our fine country during the late-summer early-fall transition, easily one of the most beautiful times of year here.
ltmarchen on Thu Sep 20, 2012 5:28 pm
Glad to hear your trip is going well, Dean. Looking forward to allthe pictures and stories from the rest of your trip.
standready on Thu Sep 20, 2012 10:39 pm
@ltmarchen. Canada was AWESOME. I arrived in Ottawa when it was raining, and the very next day all of it changed into fantastic sunshine weather. Ditto Montreal. My last day in Ottawa there were awesome rain storms in the East. I left by train in hard rain, half way to Montreal rain storms hit Montreal as well. By the time I arrived in Montreal there was still scattered rain, but the next morning brilliant sunshine weather. Allbeit a little cooler. I'm enjoying Ecuador, but for some or other reason Canada turned out to be the highlight of my trip. I'll share more of this in my blogs when I return to the UAE in October.

@Standready. Took loads of photos, and am planning to post some of those in my blogs during October. I'm not a photographer, and have never taken photos on holidays before. But in Ottawa forced myself, and then all of a sudden found myself clicking away whenever there was something interesting that resonated with me. It's a very small Canon PowerShot camera 16.1 pixels that fits very comfortably in my top pocket. Works beautifully with my Toshiba laptop.
deanhills on Fri Sep 21, 2012 5:32 pm

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