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Preparing for my trip to Canada and Ecuador

Can't believe how fast the time has flown. Only three days left before D-Day Departure on Monday evening. I'm flying KLM, but really with their partner Air France, departing from Dubai, via Paris to Montreal. Then by bus from Montreal to the final destination, Ottawa. I managed to get a great deal on a ticket with the return journey directly from Quito via Amsterdam to Dubai. I will cover the one-way journey from Montreal to Quito/Cuenca in Ecuador with Delta Airways (direct from Montreal to JFK in New York) and then LAN-Ecuador Airways from JFK in New York to Quito/Cuenca in Ecuador.

About a month or more ago when all of the arrangements started, I had booked all of my accommodation in Ottawa and Montreal, given that September could potentially be a popular month for traveling there. I've even booked my train trip from Ottawa to Montreal at the end of my stay in Ottawa. Am planning to spend four days in Ottawa and three days in Montreal. Can't wait to see Montreal, as have never visited the city before.

A couple of days ago I made my first booking in Ecuador to cover my arrival in Cuenca. I decided to skip past the capital city of Ecuador, Quito, partially because of the bad reports of crime there, and partially because I'd like to head directly for the Andes Mountains in the south of Ecuador. I'm particularly interested to see Vilcabamba, which apparently is one of the healthiest places to live in in the world.

Am wondering whether I should leave all of my bookings for the rest of my stay in Ecuador until I get there. On the other hand, could be easier to do this with my high speed internet over here. May do some more bookings in the remaining three days before my departure on Monday. Would just hate it though if I got to Cuenca and learned about must-see cities that I can't see because of being too perfectly prepared.

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