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Continent hopping ... LAN Airlines ....

Can't believe it, my last trip out of the UAE was March last year. My last crazy pursuit. So am going to make up for it in September with a double trip. I'm traveling to two continents, North America and South America (Canada and Ecuador). The Planning was a little complicated as of course Ecuador is quite a long hop away from Canada. Took hours of planning to get a really great deal in tickets from Dubai. KLM is the best carrier for traveling from Dubai to Quito, Ecuador. There is only one stop in Amsterdam, then a direct flight to Quito. So I managed to wangle a good price for traveling to Ottawa, Canada and returning from Quito, Ecuador instead of Ottawa. Then had to do lots of research to find a one way ticket from Canada to Ecuador. I soon found that it would be cheaper to travel to New York, and get a flight to Ecuador from there for a better price, and lucked out with a really very special bucket seat sale from LAN. LAN is a Chilean Airline but also serves Ecuador. And they fly directly to Ecuador from New York. United Airlines is also a good bet for Ecuador, but there were too many stops in the US, and LAN was cheaper.

LAN turned out to be a great Website and a novel and exciting experience for me as far as Air Line Websites are concerned. First of all there is no LAN in Dubai, so I had to use the US Website to make my booking. I was wondering whether it would accept credit cards from outside its designated countries as the UAE is out of its range. So it did accept my credit card from the UAE, even allowed for my phone number and address to be international showing the UAE country code. Very easy and hazzle free. Then the next day I was wondering whether I could make a change so I could travel two days earlier from New York, and then looked up whether there was a phone number that I could call or an e-mail address I could write to. Next thing through the "About us" Web page, I landed with a form enquiry, and it made provision for changing my booking. I was allowed to make a change online, including changing seats and everything at no extra cost. Totally bowled me over. Especially at that price. I've never seen anything like that before with the BIG Airlines like KLM, British Airways, Lufthansa etc. With KLM if I should want to make a change I have to pay 120USD penalty.

So next challenge of course is to learn some Spanish. So from Sunday will be dedicating at least two hours a day in learning at least some words on tape. Wonder how I'm going to take to the language? The only word I know .... is "si".

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This is good news that you have found a service that you enjoy. Please enjoy your time in Canada it really is a great country. The metropolis areas throught Canada are quite interesting and somewhat walkable, at least to me.

Hopefully Ecuador will be quite pleasant for you as well. I do not know much about it except that it is supposed to be hot. Please, don't burn yourself to a crisp or overheat. Hopefully your flights will go without any problems. Congrats on the trip, I hope you enjoy it completely.
pauline123 on Fri Jul 27, 2012 8:43 pm
Dean is on the road again! laugh I hope you enjoy your trip.
standready on Fri Jul 27, 2012 9:31 pm
Si senour, I’ve not flown for a very long time but it sounds very complicated making flight connections. To me it sounds like they are saying we are going there anyway and have an extra seat if you want one. Interesting how the price did vary, looks like a little research pays off. Hope you have extra time as well for jet lag and adjustment to your new enviroment. Sounds like fun or could be.
Bluedoll on Sat Jul 28, 2012 12:02 pm
HAHA .... D day is almost on hand. Will be starting my self-taught attempt at learning Spanish this afternoon. Wonder how that is going to go?
deanhills on Sun Jul 29, 2012 12:44 am
I have some Spanish neighbours. They seem friendly enough but I think the idea is, at least for them, is to sit around with everyone talking at once and shouting really loud. Seems like fun. Laughing

Hola mi amigo. Vamos para la cena. Me gusta que sí.

Easy if you have a computer translater little harder I think if you try to say them but some words seem not that different than enig lash may be, si.
Bluedoll on Sun Jul 29, 2012 1:46 am

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