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Petty Supermarket Irritations ....

I know .... it's petty, but I do have these irritations from time to time. The more in a hurry I am of course the more irritated I can get. Here is a list of some of the irritations:

1. There is one entry point in the super market, and someone decides to stop right at the entry point with a large trolley, to open her handbag and put away a few of her things. Leisurely and completely unaware of others wishing to enter the Super market ....

2. Mobile phones ... people having major discussions at the top of their voices and also being totally unaware of others who are there to shop. So they may have their trolley parked diagonally across the lane and block all others. And of course being in conversation, totally oblivious of what they are doing and bumping into others.

3. This one is VERY irritating. We have three cashier points in the smallish super market where I am shopping at. There may be only two cashiers around and me patiently lining up to wait my turn at one. The third cashier may turn up and instead of guiding those who should naturally be served next, i.e. in the other two lines, start to serve the first customer who makes it there. A good test in patience .... as of course those attendants are very nice people.

4. Products that aren't marked properly with prices. You get at the cashier and they have to search for the product. The product may also be the only one left on the shelf. This I don't have patience for and usually decline the product at that point.

5. I get addicted to a product and all of a sudden it is no longer supplied. Not the fault of the supermarket of course, but this happens more often than not in the UAE. The wholesaler may be in a pricing dispute with the international supplier and the deal falls through. No more product.

6. Christmas carols from October through to January. The same tape and the same songs every year. One good thing about them is that they motivate me to get out of the super market as fast as I can get. Smile

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I assume the Christmas carols are an issue in a big part of the world - I didn't think they would be in the UAE though. In Belgium I get annoyed at it too, even though we probably have way less of them than in the UK/USA.

Oh and it's the same with all the Christmas movies on television. Not only most of them are pretty lame, it's always the same movies every year.
Bondings on Thu Mar 08, 2012 5:58 pm
1 & 2. Yes, people are very inconsiderate of others. Not just in stores!

3. checkout lanes: Have 14 available and only one open!

4. Here in the US, most just scan the UPC Code of a product for price however if you catch a mistake, can be a hassle to get corrected by cashier.

5. luck me that is not too much of a problem other than temporarily out of stock.

6. Christmas music stops here on December 25th.
standready on Fri Mar 09, 2012 1:05 am
I'm with ya.

Basically, what 1&2 come down to is the lack of basic courtesy in people in general. People are generally selfish and self-absorbed... those that are actively aware of those around them are rare, and should be appreciated... but I never expect people to be courteous; to do so is to invite disappointment. That said, the blissfully ignorant really do grate on my nerves, and I try to avoid larger shops where there are lot of people.

I know what ya mean with #5; kinda have the same issue. For example, I use a clear gel solid antiperspirant, which used to be produced by several companies; as of about 5 years ago, I can only find one brand that still makes it... and that's not available everywhere. Gonna suck when they decide to pull the plug to.

#6 is just repugnant. I cannot stand Christmas music in general, I find it unpleasant... perhaps more than trendy pop music Razz I'll actively avoid stores playing Christmas music for the few that don't play it, even if I have to pay more for a product.

#3 and 4 are annoyances, but I generally don't care as much about them. When I worked retail, if I were in the situation of opening another till, I'd take the next person queued, not the first to reach me... but I also didn't work a market, where doing that would be more difficult. In general, I try to be patient with competent cashiers; it's not their fault that the queue system is poor. As for pricing, well, prices SHOULD be up to date and correct. That said, unless the workers are keeping close watch, it's not the least bit uncommon for customers to take items from one location and put them back somewhere else... and these strays are easily overlooked. Of course, end of sales, or sale starts, employees should diligently remove and post all reprices... if they're not dealt with it is the staff's fault.
Ankhanu on Fri Mar 09, 2012 2:44 am
From me, I'd add freshly employed cashiers. Maybe only I am so lucky to buy at super market when there are newbies there. Once had a situation, when one made a mistake when calculating the check and didn't know how to reverse the wrong entry. Another worker had to come and fix the machine. I am patient person but looking at helpless cashier was irritating me.

Another thing is that people put some stuff into their basket and when they decide that they don't need some of them anymore, just throw them anywhere, being too lazy to put it where it was taken from. I once saw two tomatoes put between... washing powders.

However, I don't care about such situations very much - there are as**oles in the world and we shouldn't care about them all the time Smile.
Gregoric on Sat May 26, 2012 5:58 pm

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