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Searching for Peterssidan's Avatar Matches

Since so much energy of mine had been invested in the competition I thought I'd record my search experiences in my blog.

I first started with the membership list and sorted it on total posts descending. That way I found 48 avatars out of the 50 total almost immediately. There were three that were a little puzzling, but the first of the three worked out fast for me too. This was Peterssidan's distorted image:

I then worked on the colours and it was quite easy to match it up with speeDemon's Avatar:

Then the two images below took hours of effort for the first one and days of effort for the second one (in the end I could not find it):

I searched all over the Forum, and then towards the end of the second day of searches, completely by fluke, found the first one in the French Language Forum - Antoine_935:

The last one, which I thought had been a Victorian lady with a hat, had me completely puzzled right to the end of the searches. I was searching EVERYWHERE. As a long-term project I worked my way systematically through all the Total Posts Descending in the Member List and after that Posts by Date ascending. Then for light relief worked my way through hundreds of threads in Forums I thought the user with an Avatar like that would have posted in. I thought I'd seen that Avatar in the Phil&Religion Forum for example. Just goes to show how the mind can play tricks on a person.

I was finally put out of my misery at the close of the contest when I had to learn that it had been a bird Avatar that I should have been looking for - I had been completely off track. Irony of ironies, I must have clicked on that bird user name - heady233 - at least 30 times or more. Particularly also in the Introduction Forum where heady233 had been in his element. I had worked through every thread in the Introductions Forum. Also, heady233 posted in threads that were the opposite of what I had thought the Avatar with "the Victorian lady with a hat" would have posted in. I had however checked through many of those multiple-page long threads like for example what browser people are using, where I had come across heady233 MANY times.

So yes, that pesky bird had really stumped me Twisted Evil

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