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Science vs Religion

Thanks to an Avatar competition by Peterssidan I started to comb through really great Frihost discussions of the past. This discussion - Science vs Religion - is a good one relative to where I am coming from. I particularly liked Bondings' take on it (see one of his posts below), as that does make great sense to me. It is illogical to pit science against religion as the two are completely different - apples and pears. This is quite a long thread starting on 27 November 2005 and lasting up to 28 October 2010 - over 17 pages and still open. What is great too is the variety of many Frihosters contributing to the thread. Instead of the two to five same faces all of the time.

This is a link to the discussion:

Here is one of the posts that articulated Science vs Religion well for me:

Bondings wrote:
Arnie wrote:
Non-believers often accuse believers of forcing their opinion upon others. The impression I get is that it's often vice-versa. The beliefs of science is glorified everywhere - and people that don't believe in its supremacy are called nuts. Now how is that respectful then?

First of all, science is not a religion. A religion is a belief. Science is an ever-changing guess based on facts trying to explain everything.
There are people that think religion can answer EVERYTHING.

Can you build an aircraft based on religion and make it fly? Can you explain gravity with religion? Can you find the speed of light with religion? Can you build a computer with religion?

I suppose the answer is a big no.

If not, go to the top of the highest building in your town. Then pray for god to let you fly. You'll either start flying (religion) or experiencing gravity (science). (WARNING: this is a joke, don't try this at home!)

I really don't understand why people put religion vs science.
-Religion is a belief and should be used to explain religious things like god, heaven, hell and moral values. There is no possible way to explain moral values with science.
-Science is a guess to explain reality and should be used for scientific things like biology, history, chemistry, geography, physics and all other technologic/scientific things. There is no way to explain physics or biology with religion.


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The more religious people listen to science, the better, I feel, because science explains life, is reality.

I don't begrudge science to religious people. Apparently many millions of religious people can incorporate scientific knowledge into their religion.

Science doesn't really fit into a strict reading of the bible, but then again, neither do morals. I welcome all religious people who find a reasonable position rather than a psycho position like that of the creationists and other cults.

There is no possible way to explain moral values with science.

That is heavily arguable. EG: animals feel pain therefore it is immoral to harm animals for fun. etc.

(I don't subscribe to this necessarily, just making the point).

Certainly you absolutely CAN explain moral values through political science. Not suggesting that is a 'real' science, but that morals can be explained through the logic of human relations.

And as far as Arnie goes, if you don't 'believe' in science, you are nuts. Sorry.
Hello_World on Tue Feb 14, 2012 2:00 am

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