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An interesting visitor - Lily

Last night after a bit of shopping, when I opened the front door of my town house, out of the blue a little grey kitten streaked past me right into my town house. What a shock! So of course my natural reaction was to get rid of it. At the same time I understood that this kitten may have thought it was her home, as it knew the layout of my place. I eventually got it out, and then continued with my dinner and watching some news. I'd imagined it would have found its place and all was right with its world. Then after some time I noticed some pounding going on at my front door - and it was this little kitten again determined to get into my place, bumping against the glass pane next to my front door. It just would not give up! At this stage I started feeling guilty, as I knew there was a mean ginger tom cat stalking all cats and this kitten (sort of a teenager) would have been a great snack for him. I phoned security to hear whether someone was missing it. No reports had been received. And then since it was already past midnight thought it better to let her spend the night. I'd try and find the owners first thing in the morning.

But then the fun started. Initially it parked itself at the bottom of my staircase. Very demurely as though that spot was owned by her. I proceeded upstairs to do some Internet work. Then after about 20 minutes went downstairs to check whether it was doing OK, and it was completely gone. I could not find it, I looked EVERYWHERE. Sort of a very weird feeling. So after a few very exhausting sessions of this learned that this little kitten has learned to survive by hiding in the most remote places curled up in a little grey ball. Behind the fridge, in the darkest corners behind doors, under the couch, sort of had me stumped with her hide and seek antics. Once outside her preferred spot is to hide under my car. Again in a grey ball. Very difficult to know she is there. I called for her, I turned on all the lights, checked in the cupboards, everywhere. Amazing how good she was at this. And how very quiet she is too. She does not meow, not even when she had been thumping at my door. She does purr however and did like tickling under the chin and behind the ears, like most cats do.

Anyway, this morning very early, I thought to check the town houses up the street from me. I had a feeling about new occupants with a fancy BMW about four townhouses from me. And then as I approached the front door, noticed a litter box, and the front door slightly ajar - probably hoping the kitten would return. I then learned that the kitten belongs to a small kid - a little boy - so can imagine this must be the reason she is so artful at hiding away, and also how she must have landed at my place. Poor thing! I also learned she is a pedigree Persian Cat by the name of Lily. I could well believe that, as there was something very special about her. Including her personality of course and her determination to get into my place. I was most relieved that we found her home. Which apparently she is also sharing with a pedigree Siamese cat. Wonder whether she may visit me again .... perhaps she's found herself a new hiding place? Smile

This is the closest likeness I could find of her on the Web - she's slightly bigger - sort of teenage size and a darker grey. With the exact same facial expression:

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Very cool story, Dean. Thanks for sharing. You really should have taken a picture of Lily.
I had a seal point Siamese named Alex. He was by no means small weighing about 20 pounds yet he could hide, even right out open, laying very still, curled up.
I will see if I can get a picture posted.
standready on Sat Feb 11, 2012 12:16 am
Looking forward to the picture. I went across to the neighbour just to check out how Lily was doing. And then heard she is not a Persian, although she certainly looks like one. My neighbour first picked Lily's brother and then after a month or so Lily. Lily was a present to her 6-year old son who had just broken a leg. They are part of a litter of pedigreed Siamese crossed with pedigreed Burmese. The brother is tall like a real Siamese with the odd grey patches, but a very sleek coat - and lanky like Siamese. The sister is as small as I showed. Probably less than a third of the size of her brother. How's that possible? They both are five months old.

Lily seems to be the fearless adventurous one getting involved in all kinds of scrapes. Climbing tall roofs and trees. Think that is what impressed me too, she was not scared at all. Anyway, looks like she is giving the 6-year old a harder time than the other way round. My neighbour says her son has panicked more often than not including the night when she had gone missing. My neighbour likes the Siamese brother more. I must say I'm partial to Lily, but don't really know her brother that well. Think I should keep a look out then for Burmese cats. Both of them are quiet cats. NEVER meow. How is that possible? They move very quietly too. Are Siamese like that too? Smile
deanhills on Sat Feb 11, 2012 8:53 pm

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