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Collection of Pentangeli "troll" posts - No. 5

Just came across this post in which Pentangeli recommended an Avatar with an upside down pentagram. Ha! Maybe this is where Bikerman got his idea for his Avatar from. This post is dated in the middle of December 2010 (Bikerman changed his Dilbert Avatar to his current one in June of this year). Well-written and totally resonates with me!

Thread: Is there a 'general anti-Christian sentiment' in this forum?

pentangeli wrote:
What would you call a proponent of occultism, satanism, dark magic and necromancy? Whose main goal is mortal sin, debauchery, hedonism, sexual ritual, human sacrifice, pain, pestilence, ruin of souls, eternal damnation etc? Would you call that bad for society? Because if I found myself promoting an assumed deity (fallen angel lucifer/morning star/the great dragon etc) on a forum in various threads with an upside down pentagram as my avatar, I'd be sure not to post criticisms of other people's chosen deity. I'd probably do well to recognize that satan worship/entertaining/referencing, as part of my personal public image was a theological reference taken from the same book of literature I was opposing. And that in championing the prince of darkness, all really actual true christian ethics aside (thou shall not kill, love thy neighbor, equality with thieves, prostitutes, sinners, poor, diseased, downtrodden and willingly promoting knowledge and enlightenment with seemingly every statement and action and deed, parables, stories etc) that you basically seem to echo (from your underworld haha) then tell me, if Christianity is a load of bollocks it is derived from the Bible and satan is too, why are you celebrating symbolism, metaphor, reference and seemingly and entire identity from a book you place no credibility in? That's pretty religious of you. If you denounce satan too, then you're still stuck with Aleister Crowley and his witchcraft, black magic and things that go bump in the night. Why should you be taken anymore seriously than the guy wearing the white hat? Because you're bad ass right? Yeah. I see your point. I dunno, this stuff had left the building of hypocrisy hours ago is beyond the city limits of idiocy to me.

[Insert a bunch of green text here.]
Don't mind if I do, actually.
If you can already tell that your post is enough of a personal attack to warrant moderation, why do you go and post it anyway? - ocalhoun

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I never actually read it, so it certainly has nothing to do with my choice of avatar.
I've already explained that choice, but as usual you prefer to ignore the truth and assume some more fanciful explanation.
The avatar is meant to be an advocate, a devil advocate...the 'devil's advocate'.

It isn't rocket science.
Bikerman on Wed Nov 16, 2011 9:10 pm

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