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Collection of Pentangeli "troll" posts - No. 1

During my researches today I came across this post of Pentangeli's that hit it just right for me. Darn! This guy did have a great gift of the gab. Until people started to climb into his posts to edit them, deleted large portions of his posts, made multi-colour comments INSIDE his posts. I REALLY don't blame him for leaving Frihost.

Thread: Musings on Agnosticism

pentangeli wrote:
I wasn't offended by your site, Chris, at all. I'm not sure why you thought this. I did find it offensive in terms of insensitivity, moreoever aimed at people's sensitivities, but when I say found it offensive, I'm talking about the blessing/curse of being able to view arguments from different perspectives and norms other than my own. It's called objectivity. I hear they use it a lot in science stuff. Sometimes I even use it when viewing the lack thereof, to determine if a certain opinion is bigoted or not.

Atheism itself (the gospel according to Chris) is bigoted. I mean I don't see how you can't see that it isn't. I can look at it from an 'not feeling it, not for me thanks' atheistic point of view but all your inclination makes me do is appreciate theists and passive atheists even more. Because these are principles that I get and understand. Like say the apathy of it. "Can't be arsed with all that". I get that. Like when people make socially controversial noises like "The Beatles? What a load of rubbish!" It sort of warrants rebuttal almost, sometimes seeming like it is designed to garner one. Like how can you be like that? Show me your workings etc, but you come to terms with the fact that some folks just don't like certain things. You may not understand why or how, but you can appreciate it in the most basic common sense of, "well, I think Lady Gaga is just embarrassing but a great number of the world clearly disagrees with me so I'll trade you some free thought." Aggressive atheism however... Well not even aggressive atheism. That usually comes from a dark place. Just proactive atheism. That's the one that baffles me. Like an atheist with an itinerary and battle plan calculated and carefully mapped out. That's just a bit weird to me. I'll explain why because I think it's important. Atheism (in my broadest understanding) has never really seemed to even be "a thing". I've always say it as more of an apathy of a thing or at the most a refusal or dismissal of a thing.

When you make your religion the anti- of some other religion and basically only exist to chase it around slinging mud at it, that's worse than bigotry. I have no problem with atheism at all. I've never seen one persecuted haha. This is the deceit I'm talking about. Atheism (in the apathetic sense) is the cool and trendy thing to be, let's not forget. Atheism, in terms of "ARrrrrrgh! Christians! Must.. Must...Do...Say...Arrrrghggh" I honestly will never understand. In everyday terms, I don't believe in the Easter Bunny, but I don't go around smashing chocolate out of kids hands and writing scathing websites about how it is the rot of teeth and how persecuted I've been for disliking it. It's like "I'm an atheist!" Right now there's no God, now what? Now what do I do? Let's go find some Christians.

Bigotry. If you don't believe in God, don't. Nobody is making you.

Here is an example of an edited post of his. I'm REALLY sorry I did not make a copy of the original version as the content had been right on. Note the content of the post he was responding to. And Indi of course is not a Moderator at all. Back seat moderating? Flaming? Trolling? Insulting? and "oops" when Pentangeli gave back as good as he had been given, it was a personal attack? One set of rules for Indi and another for Pentangeli.

Even a greater irony was that this was supposed to be a Forum for robust debate.

pentangeli wrote:
Indi wrote:

First of all, those "guidelines" were suggestions specifically for pentangeli (and were explicitly labelled as such in the original post), because pentangeli was so out of control. They don't really make sense as general rules for the same reason that bibs don't make sense as general dinner apparel: most adults don't need them.

The council of Pentangeli regrets to you inform you that much like the constant repetitive warbling pleas for power in this thread, he didn't read your "Guidelines for Pentangeli". He will though, shortly. He loves a good laugh.

When I assemble Ikea type furniture, I rarely look at the guidelines. I understand the basic rules of part, screw, hole (and I'm not the only one?) and thus I just build the thing like anyone with a semblance of scant intellect might. One thing I never do, is go out and consult the man on the street about how he thinks about how I should build the product. Especially if the man in the street knows relatively nothing about the item, what integral components it consists of and indeed, what the finished thing should look like. I'd consider doing that pretty illogical. Now how about this... that man coming into your house and exerting his opinion anyway? Hence this thread.


[...] I never attacked you at all. I simply responded to an attack. I never trolled this forum once. I am not a troll and I don't appreciate being labeled one by one.[...]




Removed a lengthy rant about Indi. Please try to stay on topic and avoid personal attacks.
If Indi is actually guilty of some of the things you accuse, please find examples and report them.

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