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Time for a new crazy pursuit .....

I'm procrastinating. Most people have all of their holiday plans neatly laid out, and here I am without any plans at all. Darn! Where to go? And how lucky I am? Problem is that I have so many options I don't really know which one to pick? Perhaps I should try and find a globe and just let it roll, close my eyes and pick a place. Except. I don't want to go where it is cold. Or too hot and humid. And too many tourists per square inch. I want nice fresh air, maybe near a wide clean long sandy beach where I can do body surfing and long walks. The place should not be too isolated. I'd like to be at least within driving distance from interesting local shops, bazaars, food markets etc. A little bit of a buzz of human activity, but indigenous to their area.

OK. That cancels out the biggest part of the southern hemisphere. It's winter there now. Maybe Madagascar? Zanzibar, although Zanzibar has malaria mosquitoes and I hate taking malaria tablets. The Greek isles ... but which ones? East coast of Italy ... maybe too expensive? Eastern Europe - Hungary or the Chech Republic? Turkey, except I don't know which are the really nice places in Turkey, it's such a big place, and would hate to get a nasty surprise as some of the areas apparently can come up with not so safe and not so good accommodation. Probably need to procrastinate a little longer with further searches. Think

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dean, why go visit watersoul? Sounds like that would pretty well fit your air and beach requirements.
standready on Thu Jun 16, 2011 2:18 am
standready wrote:
dean, why go visit watersoul? Sounds like that would pretty well fit your air and beach requirements.

Lol, I was going to suggest the SW coast of England here, beautiful beaches, absolutely lovely surf the further west you go, miles of stunning cliffs just asking to be jumped, all surrounded by tranquil moorland countryside. Easy transport links by bus/train from London, plenty of accommodation from campsites to backpacker type dorms to luxury hotels, no language barrier, it all seems just perfect except for one thing...our sea is cold!

Saying that, it's about 14C in the water right now so for the average Brit that's hot - but I would certainly buy a cheap 3/4 length wetsuit from a beach store if I was travelling from 50C Middle East temp's! Laughing
watersoul on Sat Jun 18, 2011 1:33 pm
Yeah, I was thinking about the coasts of England too, although I think the region of Bordeaux, France wouldn't be too bad either. It's definitely not as touristic as the Southern part of France (Nice, Cannes, the lot) but it's still quite beautiful. On television here, we have a program "A place under the sun", which is an English program of people (British) that buy houses abroad with a 50% chance of being France. So I do guess, you'll find a lot of English speakers there too (having some sort of bed & breakfast thingy).

adri on Sat Jun 18, 2011 1:48 pm
What about Iceland? It might be a lot more expensive than Turkey, though. Lovely nature, I definitely would like to visit it once myself. On the other hand, there is a lack of public transportation and you either need to visit it with a group or hire a car. And don't visit it during the volcanic season; returning by boat is probably not a good option. Wink
RefTest on Sun Jun 19, 2011 4:01 pm
Thanks for all of the tips .... I subscribe to a House Sitter Website (that I have not used at all .... yet) where people advertise homes that need house sitters. So one was on a Greek Isle and just for a little while I thought, wow, now that could be a great idea. I've never been to Greece before. But with their political climate probably not such a bright idea. They need someone to look after a half-built house for two months on a very small and remote island. It has an outside toilet and a home made shower, and a bedroom without a door .... sounds like fun Very Happy There is also a neat idea in Edmonton, Alberta near the University of Alberta. I've never been to Edmonton before, and well, I could combine it with a number of outings to the Rockies. Too many options, however I'm sure if I focus hard enough, an idea will hit me out of the blue!
deanhills on Mon Jun 20, 2011 6:30 pm

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