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Oddities in Bangkok

As I was flying back from Thailand earlier today, was thinking back on things that were completely different and novel to me in Bangkok.

1. During a visit to one of the Shopping Malls there was a half of a floor dedicated to weight loss programmes for women. Thai ladies are really tiny, so it was quite mind boggling to see Thai ladies who would be slim compared with ladies of the West, all in discussion about how to lose weight.
2. I had the most interesting orange juice. It had a really sweet and potent orange taste, and was made from tiny oranges. I just could not get enough of those!
3. All of the slums situated on the highway between the Airport and Bangkok Downtown. Made me realize how very poor the Thai people are, but one would never guess it when one interacts with them. Always smiling, and always well dressed. Ladies are always immaculately groomed.
4. Bangkok International Airport must be one of the most user-friendly airports I've ever visited. Everything seems to be right where it is supposed to be. When I exited immigration upon arrival, there was immediately a huge notice board guiding me to shuttle buses. Then when I made an enquiry, was told all hotel shuttles have a meeting point at Gate 5, very easy to find. Once I arrived there, my shuttle bus was not there, but there was immediately a representative from another Hotel who asked me where I was going, and phoned the Hotel for me. It took me 20 minutes from the time I left immigration to connect up with my transportation, and I was checked into my Hotel within 30 minutes. The Thai can't speak English very well, but everything is logical, and works well.
5. The Thai drive on the wrong side of the road .... Smile Left.
6. Butchers on sidewalks doing the whole chopping exercise there and then. MOST unappetizing.
7. Not many Thai can speak English. Most taxi drivers can't speak any English. So the Hotel has a standard little map in the format of a large business card together with all contact details that its guests have to carry wherever they go.
8. They had some rocks/stones exhibited all over the Hotel where I was staying at. So people would stand in front of it with their arms stretched out palms up, probably absorbing the rays from the rocks/stones? This was really odd however, as those rocks/stones were in glass cases. Just imagine people standing in multiple places with their arms stretched out palms facing the rocks. Weird! I tried to do it myself though ..... Embarassed didn't do anything, was I supposed to feel it warming my palms?
9. Restaurant where one is provided with a boiling pot of soup stock, and then one gets to choose all the ingredients that go into the soup. They are called MK restaurants. I did not have time to try it out, but managed to look from the outside in. It looked really sociable, also is very low cost, all fresh ingredients and no MSG. They seem to be always situated by one of the supermarket chains called Tesco/Lotus.

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deanhills wrote:
5. The Thai drive on the wrong side of the road .... Smile Left.

Actually, the Thai drive on the correct side of the road, everyone else has got it wrong! Laughing
watersoul on Thu Mar 17, 2011 9:20 pm

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