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Fighting with inanimate objects

I don't know whether others do the same, but every now and then I seem to be fighting with inanimate objects. One of my greatest frustrations is opening food containers, detergent bottles, or cans. Also getting rid of the cellophane wrappings of CDs and DVDs. And trying to unwrap computer accessories from those hard plastic wrappings.

Tonight I was fighting with a plastic bowl of rice pudding by Rachel's that turned into a real messy and unappetizing business. It had a piece of plastic covering very tightly glued along all the edges of the top, with a tag that one has to pull, and boy oh boy did I pull that tag, but it just did not want to give. So I had to use my kitchen scissors to cut into the covering, and then discovered these guys had filled the container right up to the plastic cover level. Darn! The scissors came out messy, and all of my fingers, trying to loosen the plastic cover from the edges had to dig into the rice. Most unappetizing. Biodegradable or not, this product is now on my banned list. Twisted Evil

I find the same with toilet cleaners. The tops of bottles have been designed to make it difficult for kids to open them. I like this one product Harpic, and I recall that one day they decided to add a very bright marketing type plastic covering that because of being lengthier than it should be, had wiggled itself right into the groove of the top, so much so that I could not unscrew the top. Now this product is on my banned list as well. It took at least 5 minutes for me to cut through the wrapping so that I could wiggle the top loose.

I wonder how many times I've cut myself with the plastic coverings of computer accessories. I'm sure there must be a secret of how one is supposed to open those effortlessly. And now and then I do seem to find it spontaneously. But perhaps because the wrappings are mostly non-standardized, all of those don't open as they have been designed to do. Those that don't open easily can be pretty lethal. I actually now use my garden scissors to cut through the hard plastic as that usually saves lots of time to figure out what the manufacturer thought I was going to do.

Another pet irritation is when I want to get to my DVDs or CDs, and the tag that one has to pull, to open the plastic wrapping effortlessly, is just not around. Is it really necessary for manufacturers to have those wrappings? I'd much rather that they put the CD in a paper envelope that has been sealed properly, and that I can use my letter opener to open with.

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Lol, totally know what you mean there Dean!
I just grab a scissors straight away and accept that some things are designed to be difficult to open Laughing

On a worlds resources issue though, some of that packaging is an absolutely disgraceful waste Mad
watersoul on Tue Mar 08, 2011 9:55 pm
I hear you Dean and feel your frustration. Say'hello' to Mr. Chainsaw! Especially for those impossible to open (oversized to reduce thief) hard molded plastic wraps.
standready on Tue Mar 08, 2011 11:55 pm
Wow! Chainsaw sounds right on to me. Just the right item to measure up to my frustration of opening the cellophane wrappers of DVDs and CDs Very Happy
deanhills on Wed Mar 09, 2011 12:38 pm
i like my hands and guns out of everything i resort to this if there is anything else
djrafferty1203 on Fri Mar 25, 2011 4:48 pm

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