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That's how Jeffrey Zeldman called it around this time last year. Blahg: when blogs go blah.

Honestly, blogging has been kind of... *thinks of a word, but couldn't think of any*... blah.

Passé. Overrated. Abused. Über-commercialized. Humdrum.

With the onslaught of MFA (Made For AdSense) blogs, I hate the fact that I keep seeing tons of "problogging" blogs who blog for money (and only for money). Their designs are awful, content is scrapped off somewhere else, and the adverts dominate the whole page. I mean, do you seriously think that people would read your stolen content, marvel at your oh-so-fugly looking adverts, and--*gasp*--click on them? I thought blogging was starting to be like nouveau journalism?

Who could blame them, though? With professional blogging hotshots evangelizing the emerging feasibility of earning a sustainable income through blogging, hell yeah, it's a great idea!

However, blogging is one thing. Blahgging is another.

From my linked examples, ProBlogger's Darren Rowse, DoshDosh's Maki, and JohnChow's, uh, John Chow, became very very successful not only because they're helping so many people with their useful blogging tips. They became celebrity bloggers (and relatively richer ones, at that!) because they've tapped into the best marketing idea in the history of the Internet: how to make easy money online. Also, these probloggers are blogging about blogging--it's the best niche yet, with tons of newbie bloggers popping up each day, all eager to earn six figures right from the get-go.

No, you can't be the next Darren Rowse (not at this point, at least) even if you linkbait [and SEO "blackhat"] your way to tons of traffic for your sub-standard blog. Blogs like these--the Cut/Copy+Paste variety--rarely survive. Only a few have been successful, and they have been successful because they're built on communites. Do you think that this would be sustainable? No, it won't be. I've seen tons of blogs go down to sub-standard splog quality, which is the typical route of the typical MFA (Made for AdSense) blog.

It's so easy to put up a blog. Get good hosting (like Frihost!), download and install WordPress, slap on a bunch of AdSense adverts on it, and subscribe to the popular feeds and post an excerpt from popular items that the world has talked about that day and voila: instant blog, and you don't have to think! (Just add hot water! Or something.)

Because of its simplicity, it's been so common now. Too common, in fact, that they're all starting to sound/read/look like each other, it's almost funny. Laughing

O where art thou, originality?

I just want nice blogs to read with owners who blog because they also like doing it and they care about their readers. Is that too much to ask for?

PS: Of course, there's this thing called community blogging--which is exactly what we have here on Frihost--but that's another issue for another blog entry. Wink

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You do want to read nice blogs?

Try - Gives good tips, but is in only for the money. - Parody of John Chow. Funny Blog, really. - 14 year old blogger. Really, his is a nice blog!

About the blogs which you link to, I don't find a problem with Darren's and Maki's blogs. They worked hard to achieve this, so let them roll in the dough! But I find John too evil.
saratdear on Wed Oct 03, 2007 5:53 am
Ah yes, John Cow. It is a parody of John Chow, but aren't they profiting from this parody as well? XD But yeah, I've read this one a couple of times and it's very entertaining. Smile

Sure, there are still a lot of great blogs out there... I'm not saying that there aren't anymore, but I was just ranting about the numerous splog quality blogs that pop out of nowhere everyday. Plus they all look and "sound" like each other--all of them. Laughing

I've got no problem with Darren Rowse or Maki... I just hate the fact that people really think that by getting a blog, littering it with adverts, and brainlessly quote and quote and link other people would make them the next A-list "pro blogger".

I also just pity those people who spend too much time on other people's blogs, commenting, and link-whoring and whatnot. Sure, it's a great way to promote your blog, but it's very spambot-ish as well.

Oh well.
<!--end rant and self-addressed rambling-->

/EDIT: saratdear, I'm so sorry if you might have taken my blog entry as an attack to your blog entry [just saw it today!] about earning from blogs... Surprised I didn't intend to offend, and I'm sorry if it looked like an attack to ALL money-making bloggers. I was ranting about money-making bloggers who are devoid of creativity, originality, and genuine interest/passion in blogging--a rant on "blah" blogs. Embarassed
darvit on Fri Oct 05, 2007 5:06 pm
No, no, no offense taken. Smile

Actually, I really enjoyed reading this blog entry. I only like blogs which do provide some nice content, rather than the same old boring things. And all the "A" list bloggers sort of fall in this category.. No need to spend much time with some blog which seems like a piece of just spam! Laughing
saratdear on Sun Oct 07, 2007 8:10 am
Thank you for sharing that - made me think and that is a really big accomplishment trust me on that one. Love your sense of humour and what you are actually saying, well it makes sense. Wow! Also by the way, your little icon thingy with the sanity scream . . . yep been there too. Sounds corny but it was really nice knowing you (thoughts words sharing interacting exchanging bloggging!!!)
Bluedoll on Sun Dec 23, 2007 1:23 pm

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