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First step: Find 2-3 colon cleanse diet products that you love, most of them offer a free trial so you could get 1 or 4 for a very cheap price. It would take them four or five days to be sent.
Write a list of a few of the fat foods that you ate in the last month ? which names could you not eat anymore? Prepare a list of all the all the fiber rich foods that you want to eat. Do not know any? google fiber rich foods and look for the best foods.
Great to prepare for yourself a diet plan with things to eat & not eat during the next 5 days.

The 2nd day: Has the parasite colon cleanse product arrived yet? While you wait keep that diet as you planned. At this stage you should add to your diet 3-4 vegetable juices to drink on a daily basis. Start taking short walks after each lunch.

The 3 day: As for today you probably got the herbal colon cleanse product so watch the instructions and keep with the diet, the juices & the walks. If your body starts to flush out toxic out of your body then it is a cool sign, meaning that it began clensing itself.

The 4 day: Now its the toughest day because your body is going through a detox procedure & you can go through not fun pains and watch your body freeing itself of its waste. The main thing here is to keep going with what you are doing already: the product, the diet, do not give up! think about all you went through, you are already than 80% of the way there and you have only 1 step to go.

Fifth day:: You are a star! Its done! Now your colon is clean, your colon and liver are cleaned and you got the right way to keep these healthy life.
what should you do tomorrow morning? If the diet was not so easy for you try to ease things a bit but do not leave it behind completely. If you can the diet and the walks, & the juices - do so & enjoy your cleaner life.

Original article: 7 Day Colon Cleanse

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