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A couple of eye opening advices that me & Joe decided to discuss:

1. If you want the hard core way - try hydrotherapy, this is 1 of the most popular ways to clean a colon but its not nice. This process requires you to accept a tube inserted into your body through the anus. Through the tube your colon will be flushed & flushed with water. You will need to go through this procedure 7 to 11 times in a few months until your colon would be clean.

2. Another method for cleaning your colon which gets better result for the long term is to upgrade your diet. You should need to stop eating fat foods which only build up inside your system creating problems and waste & preventing your colon to digest the food like it should. If you would start eating more fiber which does not get digested so quickly, the fiber will help your colon to get cleaned up naturally.

3. Another and very effective & much more pleasant method to cleanse your colon in the short term is buying a colon cleansing product. With today's science and research some companies created very nice and healthy products that clense your colon effectively without all that suffer that hydrotherapy can cause you. But that is going to help you only in the short term, in the long term you will still have to start the right diet.

4. There are people believe that detox diets can help in cleansing your colon. These diets became very popular lately. They teach you that if your colon is fill with garbage then your entire body is filled with it and that is way you should try detox diets in order to cleaning your body from all of the garbage that come from your bad diet. As for me did not try it so I can not say if it helps or not but you can always try such a diet and see if it works for you.

5. Help your digestion: begin eating meals that are easy to digest before eating foods this are difficult to digest. The easiest is water and juices after wards fruits, vegis & soups. Meat is the hardest. Do not drink while eating but if you do drink warm liquids since cold drinks could damage the digestion procedure. Maintain a regular meals schedule. Chew your food properly and do not eat fast. Do not eat late at night and allow your body time to digest before going to sleep, a good walk after a meal is a good idea.

How to Cleanse Your Colon

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