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What software should you choose.

I touched upon software in my last article. Now it's time to really get a understanding on what I was saying. When you want to install software for your community, you really have to look into it. Some of the things I see is people doing things that are just not worth it. They could have better and still only pay required money.

CMS/Blog software

Wordpress- Wordpress is one of the best choices to go with if you are building a website or community. It had full customization and feature to suit your needs. Another thing about it is that it's free and really worth installing because not only does it act as a website/blog/social platform. But, you users will love it. It's really is something I use a lot because I find it more stable than most others and it doesn't put a strain on me.

Joomla- Joomla is also another good choice because like wordpress it has the feature and more. Your users may not like this because it's not as easy as wordpress to use. When I used it, It was really getting on my nerves. I would only go with this if your creating a news or personal blog.

Forum Software

MyBB- This forum software has raised to the top. It's really easy to use and many big and small communities use this. I've been hearing about it from some of the people that are going to be in my next project.

This is what Jade said : And I quote " MyBB is a good option for the community. It's simple to use and it's not a pain in the ---." Lol.

The reviews said : And I quote "While ago considered as an outsider, comparing to the big boards of Internet, MyBB is more and more popular, mostly for three of its qualities: simplicity, extensive administration panel and powerful plugin system. MyBB is a based on the PHP/MySQL technology, and is a free open source forum software, and has included AJAX and Web 2.0 features just-as-needed. Nothing too much heavy, but really practical for an everyday usage."

PHPBB3 - We all know that phpbb2 sucked. I mean it took a long time to make phpbb3. Now it's one of the best out there. I see a lot of communities using this. I really would recommend this if you want or already starting to break away from a free forum host.

My wife said: And I quote " Hon. PHPBB3 is good forum software. It didn't really cause me trouble like phpbb2 did."

The reviews said : And I quote " PhpBB is one of the oldest, and without any possible doubts, the most used forum software around the world. This is so true that many users think that PhpBB is the official definition of a forum community on Internet. We have reviewed the 3rd version of this forum software, released on December 13th, 2007. The official announcement was proud to declare that it took 5 years to improve PhpBB 2 to the official PhpBB 3, with more than 200.000 modified lines of code."

Burning Board- The Developers of Burning Board have created the latest version of the software Burning Board completely from scratch and mixed in the state-of-the-art technology and a contemporary design. Burning board software outranks any user expectations with it's surpassing usability! The user interface provides all modern conveniences and is still clearly structured, guaranteeing a long-term positive experience for your users. We focused our development on modern web standards and created flexible layouts using both XHTML and CSS.

The review said : And I quote "Modern, polished, well designed, norms compliant... the count of positive qualifiers is really impressive, and Woltlab Burning Board clearly deserve them all."

Vbulletin- I've used Vbulletin personally my self and I have to say it really has out performed most forum software.

The reviews said: And I quote "vBulletin is one of the most famous solution for providing a forum software to communities. The latest major 4.0 version was released in the end of the year 2009, and was a great opportunity to revamp and organize the vBulletin software suite. As you may know, vBulletin company does not only edit the forum software of the same name, but also additional tools for publishing content on Internet, like a CMS and a Community Blog software."

IPB - As much as I hate'em I have to mention them in this too. Even though they are some what thieves. IPB has somehow became one of the best forum software. They have these little feature and more.

The reviews said stunningly: And I quote "IP.Board, also known as Invision Power Board, IPB or IP Board has been created in 2002, and was, at the beginning a free software. IP Board 1.3 was the latest free version of Invision Power Board, and it served as a base to create a new dedicated project called InvisionFree, that has strictly no affiliation with Invision Power company. In the mean time, IP.Board 2.0 was release in 2004, and the latest major version IP.Board 3.0 was officially announced in the middle of 2009. This 3.0 version was a good way to revamp the default theme and improve with actual technologies and trends the core system of IP.Board"

Now those are your options. You should really take the time with the free before trying the paid. Mybb is recommended over phpbb. Now if you think anything is wrong with this or I missed info or something needs to be added in. Please pm me and tell me so I can make the proper fixes.

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PHP Fusion? I always thought it was kinda fancy.
Josso on Thu Jul 19, 2012 1:35 am
I prefer MyBB. Though that is a personal preference, others on this list are quite adequate as well. I just prefer it, over the others. Free, reliable and easy to work with. No hidden tricks or knowledge required.
pauline123 on Thu Jul 19, 2012 4:57 pm

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