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Nadine Gordimer's Works (Reaction) [Pt. 2]

Why does reality seem to remain ‘outside language, separate, obdurate, alien, not susceptible to description?’ I truly agree with what Gordimer said: we use our language as a way that we reach the inevitable, ‘where words like freedom, democracy and Christian values are still used to justify barbaric and shameful policies and acts’.

I think that fiction should always be related to politics and morality as it brings a striking message: it transforms the words etched in a piece to call to the people to give an action to the issue presented.
Gordimer's ideas of cultural globalisation are shadowed in the essay, "The Status of the Writer in the World Today: Which World? Whose World?" She insists here on the need for writers' vigilance against any political rationalisation or intimidation meant to corrupt their 'search for truth,' even when derived from African inspirations. Negritude, for example, is regarded as an anachronism; it has exhausted its necessary initial momentum.

On the first part of the essay, she narrated an event where they were given only 3 minutes to talk but the bureaucrats weren’t given any. This ended with a statement from Mallika Sarabhai: ‘So—we have the answer to the status of the artist in the world today.’

Freedom of expression was discussed in this essay. She states that her artistic right to freedom of expression, her voice being vigilant against any form of censorship. During her time, she was also a victim of the apartheid government’s suppression of freedom of expression. She says that freedom to write should always linger to give their ideas a takes on a certain issue.

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