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Nadine Gordimer's Works (Reaction) [Pt. 1]

Nadine Gordimer’s “Three In A Bed: Fiction, Morals, and Politics” explores the relationships between those three things, and explains why they fit together. She also discusses the connection of non-fiction to all the above.

As South African novelist and Nobel laureate argues, even the most modernist and postmodernist art cannot be exempted from politics. She sees the inevitability of a relationship between politics and literature, stating that writers who wrote fiction as the ‘pure exploration of language’ is a ‘reaction to what each revolted against in the politically imposed sprit of their respective times’. For Gordimer then, fiction is in itself political.

She also explains relationships between fiction and politics differ from fiction and morals, the latter having the kind of ‘husband/fatherly authoritarian sanction’ that lingers because of their religious origins. She said that there was never a time in history (specifically during the times of political conflict) where writers not lived. Writers could not evade politics as they are intertwined with each other throughout history.

Morality, politics, and fiction have come a long way in our history that they become parts of each other. You can never see a story wherein there’s no element of morality or politics. It is evident in every literary work that these two become a vital part of the fiction.


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