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A Worthwhile Summer [Pt.1]

Last year’s summer was boring. I didn’t have anything useful to do. All I did is wake up, eat, use the PC, eat and sleep; be scolded by my sister. I find my vacation useless (albeit 2-3 months long) and bland. And because of this, I regret having summer because it does only make my life boring but it also sets my friends away.

But this year’s different. Thanks to my classmates, we joined a government-run activity. They call it Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES) headed by our city mayor. It’s a summer job where you will be assigned to a school or a barangay and do specific tasks given by the administrator. I was really captivated by this activity because I will find my time useful in doing something that will help the school where I’m assigned. But what really allured me is the salary.
So we started complying with the requirements, attended the orientation (which was horribly tiring and absolutely annoying because of the other SPES applicants), and get assigned to our posts. I was appointed at Comembo Elementary School, which I find wrong because I live in Brgy. Rizal and my address was missing in the applicants’ list (so they just assigned me to CoES for I graduated at Benigno “Ninoy” S. Aquino High School, the nearest high school to the elementary school.)

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