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In A Sip of Coffee [Pt .3]

Moreover, we need a good government to raise our country in the world. Many entertainers, sports athletes, and the like are bringing pride and honor to this country, but what about the nation itself? Did it bring itself to the top? That is a question we need to answer. And that answer is good government for this country.

Commencing Search
We should start the search for good government. There were many administrations that brought the promise of raising a good government for this country – and none of them have succeeded yet. A good government will soon be emerging and bring this country to the tip of the mountain. A good government that will be solving all the problems that brought this country down.

In the current administration, it is starting to clean the ranks. The government is beginning to improve our economy, removing all the corrupt officials, raising the education sector and standard of living, and strengthening military and police power. Their promise of a good tomorrow shouldn’t be broken – for there are many children on the street begging for help. Many people are living the shadows of the tallest buildings in this country, and they’re not touched with the prowess of the government. They need a good government that will help them to survive.

But what about tomorrow? Will there be a good government? Let me bring back what Jose Rizal said, “Kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan.” The youth will be the future of this country. They will be the next people to be in the government and raise its power to improve our nation. They will be the ones to make this government “good” and make the move for developing this country. We may not know when will it be, but I’m sure that it will be coming soon.

Now as I enjoy this cup of coffee, I am thinking of a good government. A good government like a perfectly brewed coffee – not too bitter, yet not too sweet. I’ll be wondering what’ll be next for this government, and I’m going to start it by myself. I will study hard and bring pride and honor to this country – and so for you too. My cup is now empty, and I’m craving for the best one.

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