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In A Sip of Coffee [Pt .2]

In my own perspective, the government should first do a housecleaning in its administration. Eliminate corrupt officials, appoint effective and efficient ones. Improve tax collection, to boost the capacity of the government to create and implement good projects. They should also improve our tourism because this is one of the major sources of tax. Make ways to improve education, raise cultural heritage, improve justice system and strictly implement gender equality. These are just some of my views about a good government.

But for these to work and blend impeccably, the citizens of this country should also stretch their bones and do something. They have to work in coordination with the government, for the government cannot run the country by its own; it needs the citizen to also work. Abide the laws of the country, produce good educators – for the children are our future, and work for the nation’s progress.

A good government should be strict to its policy. When the government implements laws, conduct projects and programs, it should be rigorous to finish what they started. If not, graft and corruption will be just common food in our breakfast table. One example of this is the one of the most talked controversies, the fertilizer scam. The P728-million scam brought so much smell in the government’s side – and the reason? Bad people in the government, and the lack of strict policy in implementing this program. How about the poor farmers in the countryside? Did they get the fertilizer for their lives to survive? How will they feed the nation? If the government have been strict to this, the smelly scam wouldn’t be in the sealed in the minds of the Filipinos.

So the primary objective? Blend the ingredients with great perfection and precisely put the cream for the coffee to taste great. Our government should be the first one to make a move for the citizens will follow their lead.

There’s A Need for One
Philippines is currently a newly-industrialized country, according to the United Nations (UN) with a GDP of 320,384 (Billions of USD, as of 2009, IMF) – the least in Asia. In addition to that, the Human Development Index (HDI) of the Philippines 0.638 (medium on the scale, HDI 2010), which is still low comparing to other Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, with 0.744 (high on the scale).

This nation needs a good government. A government that will save what is left in this country and make a better nation – to revive the long lost flourish of this country. A government that will boost the economy and improve the standard of living of the Filipinos, improve the education sector, and lift the cultural heritage of our history-rich nation. If the government will take all of these into action, what more could we expect but a developed and healthy country. And we will have eggs to bake a good, yummy cake.

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