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In A Sip of Coffee [Pt .1]

*An essay on good governance in the Philippines*
by Acezon Cay

In A Sip of Coffee

Imagine a cup of fresh coffee. Perfectly brewed. Served hot. Filled with rich taste, scintillating fragrance and unparalleled aroma. A coffee that tastes like there’s nothing more flavorful than that. That’s how I describe good government.

The concept of good government had different explanations throughout the human history. Presently, the most common slants are those centered on the interactions among the different aspects of the nation – the state itself, the market, the society, and the like. For an intellect, that is how he explains good government. But for a student like me, what is good government?

In a Stud’s Own Point of View
I would like to know my classmates’ perspectives about good government, so I asked them. They defined good government as:
“A good government has justice.”
“A good government is neutral.”
“Iniisip ang ikabubuti ng lahat [A good government considers the good for everyone.]”
“Malinis, walang kurapsyon [A good government is clean; there’s no corruption]”
“A good government should be God-centered.

As I listen to their talk, I realized that students have their different point of views when it comes to good government. For them, a good government should be just, neutral, impartial, clean, and God-centered.

For me, good government should boost the pride and morale of its citizens through these aspects – culture, education, justice system, police power, equality, and political stability. These factors should be in great harmony in order for a country to run on its own perfectly. But if these wouldn’t be controlled and managed properly, the government would be pulling a rabbit out of the hat.

The Perfect Blend
Like a perfectly made coffee, the government should pay attention in mixing the right ingredients to taste well. But it should also balance these aspects, for the coffee should not taste bitter – no more, no less. Also, the government shouldn’t put the cart before the horse – things should be done in order. Everything should be in perfect coordination for a government to be called “good”.

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